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Today, my mom spent over $200 getting me tested for every drug in the book. All because I admitted to smoking a single cigarette two years ago. FML
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Can we please not start this debate again? I'm even asking nicely.

Untrusting and overreactive parents can seriously mess up their kids. Im sorry OP, shes wasting her money,


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Let's hope it was a cigarette and not a joint. Either way it won't show up if your clean.

it clearly says "cigarette" in the post so...

Cigarettes are way worse for you than weed is (that is if it's just weed and not mixed with something like coke).

Can we please not start this debate again? I'm even asking nicely.

But this argument is hilarious. It's like the argument between smoking "lights" and "regulars" or filtered/non filtered.

Considering it was two years ago, it doesn't matter either way.

Actually there is a hair sample test. I believe the result show up to about 9 years prior.

32: This is the reason this debate is stated so often, because you choose to but into myths from Reefer Madness and not listening to the mounting scientific evidence that disproves all of those old myths. I don't pretend that it doesn't have its own problems (e.g. pesticides bering sprayed on plants), but the general public can't have an open discussion on the REAL problems until people let go of old myths.

9 years?! No. The most you can detect with a hair sample is 90 days prior. Your hair re-grows far too fast to detect YEARS prior...

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Screw you, you f**king a*shole.

I have an idea... how about we stop trying to argue which drugs are bad for you and which are worse, and start realizing that it's none of our damn business what people put in their bodies. Respect people's individual freedom instead of trying to protect them from themselves. It literally has no effect on you if someone wants to do drugs. If you don't like drugs, don't do them, simple as that.

#47 I wish more people had your mindset. If they did we wouldn't be debating drugs or gay rights or anything.

Yea, it's definitely not our business whether people are putting penises in their bodies or putting their penises in other people's bodies..

Discussing what's good and bad is what helps us preserve the sanity we have left to hold on too.

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47, If you'd seen as many meth addicts as I have you'd have a much different outlook on whether doing drugs effects other people. While this really has nothing to do with Marijuana, there are substances we should very much try and stop people from putting into their bodies.

#51 and how do you suggest we go about that? By making it illegal to do it and locking people in cages if they do? That's working great so far isn't it? No, there's no evidence that drugs being illegal actually causes less drug use. If you spent the annual 40 billion dollars that's spent on the war on drugs on recovery programs or better education systems, you'd not only have less drug addiction, but less crime, poverty, and addicts wouldn't be forced into prostitution or robbery to fund their addictions because drugs would be no where near as expensive.

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#1 are you some kind of stupid? Or are you just blind?

51, I see meth heads, heroin addicts, alcoholics, crackheads, and worse every day. I still believe it's none of my business what they do, and it only bothers me when they don't accept that I don't have a dollar or some change for them. Other than that, they usually wish me a blessed day with a crooked toothed smile, which I don't see as a bad thing from anybody from any walk of life.

#47, I must respectfully disagree. Drugs destroy lives, families, friendships. If I found out my mother or sister were doing heavy drugs (not just occasional pot) I would intervene. The same as I would if they were alcoholics or gambling away everything they own.

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Not even... Cigarettes contain hundreds of chemicals and carcinogens. Marijuana does not and while it's not *good* for you it certainly does not have as many negative long term effects

#64 sure but that crosses into your personal life so it's different. That's the extent of trying to control other people I believe in. But if someone you don't know is doing drugs, as horrible as it may be, it's really not your business.

#64 if you want to intervene on your family's behalf that's fine, you totally should. But where do you get off thinking it's your business to do so with strangers? The problem is people thinking they are so intelligent that it is their job to dictate the lives of others, it's absurd. Driving on meth, stealing for meth, all these crimes have victims, smoking/injecting/snorting it in the privacy of your home? No. The destruction of relationships is not a crime, the law has no business throwing money at an issue they can never solve and have no business trying to dictate. I have had issues trying to get both my sisters into rehab and back on track, drugs caused irreparable damage to my family and almost cost them their lives. Doesn't mean the law has any business intervening. Police involvement, if anything, was incredibly counterproductive in their recovery.

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You can test the fluid in the eyeball but that's used during an autopsy! It's cool to see actually, it will show trace amount of drug use even years later.

as a pothead im going to go ahead and say pot is worse, only because its illegal most places. noone regulates growers and you could basically be smoking a can of raid with all the pesticides that noone is stopping from being put in your pot. if you grow it yourself it will probably be ditchthistle but it will be significantly less bad for you.

#70, #71. I never said anything about strangers. #47 was implying that it was nobodies business period. But I will respectfully disagree with you too. Because those strangers have friends and families and if somebody has turned to drugs chances are they aren't in a very good place and need as much support from wherever they can get it. Drugs lead to diseases, rape (if you're under the influence you legally can't consent), organ failure, major and minor accidents that may or may not include innocent people. When people OD and go to hospital that's money out of everyone elses pockets too. Not to mention all the pregnant women doing drugs, which should be everyone's business.

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#55, or we can make it legal, and tax the hell out of it, like we do with tobacco products, and let the idiots kill themselves off.

Really the big issue with drug use is the environment it creates. People, depending on the drug, have impaired judgement that can lead to violent and dangerous behaviour. While this is seen with alcohol as well, there are policies in place to help prevent that, and violent reactions to even small amounts of drugs are the standard reaction with some drugs, which is not the case with alcohol. When people do drugs, they not only affect the environment as a whole by contributing to increasing levels of organised crime, but they are also a danger to themselves and those around them. You may argue that not all drugs have the result of violent tendencies, but drugs not only contribute to increased crime rates in violence, and sex crimes, but they also cause problems because they're so addictive. People are compelled to spend all their money on these drugs and then end up on the street or in the system. They become not only a burden on their personal relations, but society as a whole. With tax payer money going to jails, healthcare and welfare, ( and rightly so; these institutions definitely need lots of funding) I'd say its everyone's problem when there are people doing drugs.

64 sleeping around ruins as many lives as drugs but one is illigal the other is not and that seem rediculus

Thats the only stupid part you take out from that?

I bet you're a troll, #87. How can someone with the username "horney chic" have something (ANYTHING) against sleeping around?!


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55, when you have to watch people cracked out on every narcotic imaginable for 7 hours straight half your week, come talk to me. I'm sorry you don't appreciate how harmful hard drugs actually are, not just to the person taking them, but everyone around them. Blah blah blah war on drugs, blah, the problem is the lack of proper psychiatric help, not that the drugs are illegal. The addicts get locked in a hospital for a day when they O.D, get sent to an emergency psych ward and sent back into society a day or two later. You want someone to understand what these drugs do to you? Spend a night at the hospital watching 5150 patients. There's a damn good reason most drugs are illegal and should stay that way.

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I now declare this conversation over. Anyone else wishing to join the debate, tough shit. No one will read this far down the thread anyway.

@47 THANK YOU. It's about damn time someone said it

@49 I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but it really /isn't/ anybody else's business who people choose to have sex with or how they're having sex with them. It's THEIR business and THEIR life.

@98 My boyfriend is a recovering heroin addict. He is also trying to fight prescription addiction right now. I've helped him fight it for the last two years and he was injecting at least six or seven times a day. I've personally never gone farther than doing shrooms, but I can somewhat agree with you here. He tried the weaning method and that didn't work. And when it wouldn't work he would think of himself as useless, and get in a depressed state where he would end up getting further into his addiction because he was doing more and more drugs to "make himself feel better" I guess you could say. It really does have a lot to do with psychological problems and a lot of people don't understand that. It can also cause serious problems like that too. My boyfriend is always negative about everything now and still seems himself as nothing more than a junkie. It's really sad to see it happen to someone. I've put up with this shit all my life.

#55 , while I agree with the thought that we should let people put whatever they want into their body, I disagree with the fact that it does not affect me or any other bystanders.

@#48 well while he does have a decent mind set, this should also be mentioned; there is a HUGE difference between letting one do what they with with their own bodies, and irresponsible 12-16 year olds having sex, smoking weed, blah blah blah.

What you're essentially doing is dragging this down to an emotional level since you don't have any evidence to suggest that making drugs illegal is actually effective. Instead you are basing it on your own experience without providing any kind of rigorous proof. :/ If this were the scientific community you would lose your status as a researcher. Just ask yourself this: What's more important? Being right? Or fixing this drug problem? Note that the best answer isn't always the one that feels the most just; Unfortunately. :(

#47 basically this. I just draw the line at drinking and driving because that does affect other people.

It is everyone's concern also because everyone here is human (I think)

Actually you're wrong. Yes there is a hair test but most drugs only stay in you hair for about 3 months. Some don't even stay that long.

Too bad your parents don't trust you.

Yes it's definitely overkill but at least they actually care which is more can be said for a lot of parents.

Hope op didn't have any poppy seeds >.

Haha, that episode on Seinfeld taught me that's what opium is made of.

Untrusting and overreactive parents can seriously mess up their kids. Im sorry OP, shes wasting her money,

I work in medicine, people lie about the drugs they take all the time. Just glad OP is honest. Good job passing the drug test.

I guess the way to earn their moms trust is to let the mom make a fool of herself.

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Psh, I'm 13 and my parents let smoke whatever I want, whenever I want!

#61 We are all so proud of you. *slow clap*

#61-then you have terrible parents.

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wow I'd never broadcast to the whole internet that you have vapid, shitty parents that are encouraging you to make yourself astonishingly stupid(good ole Dr Phil states brain development is inhibited at the time of drug use, so mentally you'll always be an astonishingly stupid 13 year old.) **** up your life, and become a worthless degenerate that contributes nothing and just leeches off society, becoming everyone else's problem to deal with and waste tax money on. those are for sure, the parents to brag about...

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#61, your parents are idiots and so are you for being proud of that.

he will always believe that his mom doesnt trust him. that would suck too

she should be happy you told her about the cigarette and not freak out like that. people are curious. im not supporting smoking or saying its bad, but she should be happy you trusted her enough to tell her that information. now, because of the way she acted, you probably wont tell her anything else major that comes up in the future. people need to learn things for themselves and not take others words for it sometimes

I agree. As much as i hate being yelled at for telling the truth to my parents about something i have done, it lets them know you are less likely to lie. But not all parents can see it that way.

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Yeh, she should be glad you told her only after two years. That's a sarcastic comment.

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Long comment, but it was well said.

62, quite possibly, OP's mother broached the subject just now.

Your parents really need to calm down.

They could smoke a little something to mellow them out. No? Ok I'll go hide now.

Enjoying your "really need to calm down" comment spree?

#30, have a lot of hiding places do you? You've been slipping away quite a bit lately.

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If you haven't done any drugs or smoked since then, you are most likely clean and have nothing to worry about and she's just worried about you (and being over dramatic about it so you never try anything again.) if you have nothing to hide just go along with it and get it over with so she knows you are ok and will leave you alone about it.

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Kinda extreme to spend so much money on multiple drug tests though.

ileenefudge 29

It is, but if OPs mom is going to do it regardless of what OP tells her, then let her do it. I would rather get it over with and do all the little tests and make her happy, then decide not to go along with it, and get accused of still or hiding drugs that I'm not actually doing and getting on trouble for it since she already wasted the money to do the tests. You can't change crazy (at least not easily) and some people believe only what they want to and don't always listen to reason. OPs mom sounds like one of those people who tends to freak out over anything they deem to be bad/wrong, and goes overboard while tryna make a statement that things like drugs are bad for you.

olpally 32

Seriously? Talk about being over dramatic! Holy ****.

cjwayy 22

Sounds like something my dad would do...

She needs to get her priorities straight.

She is a concerned parent. OP seems to be her first priority. She might be a little dramatic, but her heart is in the right place.

How do people not get my reference? Uncultured swines -_- (HP for life)

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Hopefully she'll feel bad when(if) they come back negative.

Holy_Schnikes 23

or she'll think they cheated somehow. I know for experience.

Why would you want her to feel bad? Sure she was being way too dramatic but it's because she's worried. I'd rather have a worrying mother than one that doesn't give two ***** about there children.

toowie_fml 20

How does she expect her kid to be honest with her if she's going to react like that? I think it's good for her to worry, but that's a little extensive.