By Anonymous - Netherlands
Today, I wanted to send a birthday card. I kindly asked my boss for an envelope, and she asked me to pay for it. I've been working for her as an intern for over a year now, without receiving any money for it. FML
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By  Petawhitney  |  2

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  skittle68  |  0

Agreed. Why would you expect her to give you an envelope for something not work related?? lucky you didn't get yelled at for doing personal stuff at work, too

By  DocBastard  |  38

OP: Boss, can I have an envelope?
Boss: You need to pay for it!
OP: don't pay me! I don't have any money.
Boss: There are...other ways you could pay me...
OP: Oh, boss!

  smashgrab  |  0

Trying to use company time and materials for personal business? Now we know why they haven't given you a real job, you are a horrible employee! I know you have the twenty seconds of free time to mail a card outside of work, so use it! I bet you used the company internet to post this, you mooch! YDI

By  knibbsy  |  4

Tell that wench you'll pay her with a kick to her gall bladder. If she got it removed, eat laxatives, throw a tantrum and defecate in various locations around the office. If you don't have an anus, move to Candy Land and start having an affair with Lord Licorice.

By  mintcar  |  9

What're you complaining about? You chose to work as an unpaid intern, no?
I wouldn't bitch if I were you. Especially since you're getting some sort of job training out of it.

By the way, your boss is not responsible for providing you envelopes.