By Anonymous - 09/12/2010 12:19 - Netherlands

Today, I wanted to send a birthday card. I kindly asked my boss for an envelope, and she asked me to pay for it. I've been working for her as an intern for over a year now, without receiving any money for it. FML
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Since you've been her intern for over a year now, I'm sure you know where the envelopes are. Live on the wild side... steal one.

envelopes don't just grow on trees you know..... oh wait.....


She's figured out that you're a spineless pussy. YDI

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scrubs: give me a intern who only tripples my work and i'll kiss his feet

Agreed. Why would you expect her to give you an envelope for something not work related?? lucky you didn't get yelled at for doing personal stuff at work, too

He probably knew his boss had envelopes and asked for one thinking she wouldn't be a bitch about it. You're an asshole.

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Not sure if sarcastic or just an asshole ._.'

Since you've been her intern for over a year now, I'm sure you know where the envelopes are. Live on the wild side... steal one.

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Tell that bitch of a boss you'll pay her later. When she asks for the money, shove it up her ass.

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pay the bitch send your card and get back to work

OP: Boss, can I have an envelope? Boss: You need to pay for it! OP: don't pay me! I don't have any money. Boss: There are...other ways you could pay me... OP: Oh, boss! Boss: **** ME LIKE THE PEON YOU ARE!

Trying to use company time and materials for personal business? Now we know why they haven't given you a real job, you are a horrible employee! I know you have the twenty seconds of free time to mail a card outside of work, so use it! I bet you used the company internet to post this, you mooch! YDI

Why did this magically turn into a reply? It was supposed to be just a stand alone comment... I'm confused by this!

Doc, that sounds like the introduction to a bad porno.

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Yeah. Candi **** in Corporate America.

The scenario Doc pointed out is vaguely familiar to me....

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Tell that wench you'll pay her with a kick to her gall bladder. If she got it removed, eat laxatives, throw a tantrum and defecate in various locations around the office. If you don't have an anus, move to Candy Land and start having an affair with Lord Licorice.

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You have the imagination of a truly disturbed three year old, my little love muffin.

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What're you complaining about? You chose to work as an unpaid intern, no? I wouldn't bitch if I were you. Especially since you're getting some sort of job training out of it. By the way, your boss is not responsible for providing you envelopes. QUITCHERBITCHIN.

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someone has a rusty splintering metal pipe up her vag while she's on her period. B I T C H ^ ^ ^ ^

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Wow...that was... that was incredible. Ever thought of stand up?