By lostmykeys
Today, it's my birthday. I share it with a guy I've been seeing for over six months. I showed up with a handmade pie and a gift bag. His ex-girlfriend accepted it for him, as he was busy. FML
lostmykeys tells us more :
Follow up - He was back together with her and neglected to tell me. He was having a dinner date with her when I arrived, so I kind of handed over the gifts and walked away. and cornyrob - Super funny you'd mention the wedding singer. That's his favourite rom-com. Although in this situation, my adam sandler was most definitely aware his Linda was around. It really kills me that this made it onto the FMLs.
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  gichikku  |  14

Some people are good friends with their ex and didn't end on bad terms. I've been living with mine for 6 years since we were best friends before dating and realized we were better as friends. It does not screw with relationships either if you realize there's nothing to be jealous about seeing as I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now. (We are moving in together now that we are ready however) Doesn't explain why she took the gifts from op though. Op could have waited until her boyfriend was done whatever he was doing to give them to him.

  DestinyNiya  |  33

I think #6 meant that OP should have been celebrating their birthday first instead of getting stuff for the guy she's seeing who apparently doesn't give any shit about OP's birthday.

By  graphicstyle7  |  17

He's not into you, get rid of him immediately. Get some new clothes, re-do your makeup. Look at any other part of your life that makes you feel bad, and either accept it or change it, unless you want to be showing up with pies and get a shut door in your face the rest of your life.

  littlekellilee  |  45

Why does ending a relationship with a guy require new clothes and makeup? Especially after 6 months. That could get expensive. Instead, if OP does choose to end it, she should focus on her own self confidence and self worth (which, for all we know, could be fine and not need focus) before moving on. Clothes and makeup don't change anything except appearance, and even if that makes you feel better about yourself, eventually clothes wear and makeup washes off.

By  Bean_pole06  |  5

I would not have let her take the stuff. Did you call or text before you went over, or did you just show up? And, does "seeing" mean you're exclusively dating him or just someone you occasionally hang out with?