By nobieb - 20/08/2013 16:28 - Canada - Welland

Today, I found out that while having a GPS tracker in your car is helpful for tracking down car thieves, it's also helpful to your psycho ex, who can use it to track you down. FML
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Restraining order! Best to be safe then sorry! That's creepy as hell!

Psycho ex's.... For those who don't have one, consider yourself lucky. FYL OP.


CallMeWindSock 24

Don't you just wish there was a button to show your agreement, that yes, OP's life does suck?

lightanddark 17

no sh** sherlock

Although I have made those, "I wish there were a button for that" comments, I'm really getting tired of seeing them.

Now you just need one for her so you can use technology in your favor. Sucks to be you OP

The psycho ex could easily be a man.. Not all psycho ex's are women you know

While it could be another female, OP is female, would be more inclined to say this psycho ex is male.

mkid232 15

Considering the OP is female, it could more likely be a man in this case. Not that she can't be a lesbian, it's just more likely straight than gay.

Ppl are trying so hard not to come off as homophobes in this comment thread

Or maybe... Just maybe #44... People have a thing called 'courtesy' on this thread.

Yes, I'm sure OP is glad that you're fussing about whether or not her psycho ex that's stalking her is a guy or a girl.

Restraining order! Best to be safe then sorry! That's creepy as hell!

Restraining orders don't really help. They can still track you and follow you without you knowing.

But there's the risk of getting caught, which the cops can be called and they'll do what ever the cops do, so the fact that he probably doesn't want a criminal record might stop him from following her.. Unless he really is crazy as hell, in that case, you should probably leave the country OP.

I doubt he cares about cops since he's stalking her and stalking someone is illegal.

Actually, it's better to be safe _than_ sorry. I don't think anyone wants to be both.

#51 I'm sorry oh Wise One, I shall never make that grammatical mistake again.

Psycho ex's.... For those who don't have one, consider yourself lucky. FYL OP.

And if you don't have a psycho ex, you likely ARE the psycho ex.

How scary! I hope you get help to protect you!

Ouch...Cannot imagine finding that out

wonderbreadtee 5

I'm sorry. I hope your ex doesn't do this on a regular basis.

carina_47 16

Pepper spray?

They're also useful for tracking exactly where your children are at all times. I plan on installing one on each of my children when they are teenagers. Not on their cars, ON THEM. Try sneaking out at night now!

UnicornFarts 15

You sir are a genius.

That's not overprotective at ALL!

punjabtimelord 18

That's rather over the top, you know. A little bit of trust goes a long way; my parents gave me a bit of freedom and I have never snuck out. Besides, that probably wouldn't go down too well with them..

Calm down, it was a joke...

or was it... When i have children this will be a option when they hit their teenage years.

every joke reflects an inner thought and well, he's a surgeon... Poor kids.

Your middle name doesn't happen to be NSA, is it?

And what's the alternative? Having them roaming the streets at all hours of the night? Indeed, trust is freely given, but once broken takes a major effort to re-establish. With teenagers, take each day as it comes.

That's pretty lo-jack.