By Nublet - 07/09/2011 04:10 - United States

Today, I gave my boyfriend a blowjob. It gave him a panic attack. FML
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ImmaB3AST 7

what the hell are you? a vacuum cleaner?

Must have been really good?


That sucks.

Hahaha punny

That's some blowjob you're givin?

CatEyes66 0

Do you have braces? Which made him so nervous that he had a panic attack.

What did you do to him if I may ask? Or he is just not made for having blowjobs, haha.

Nein nein nein!! You're doing et wrong!! D:<


So now the question is: Can you suck-start a Harley? You haven't made it in the BJ world until you can do that.

Geez, I can't imagine what you could have done to cause that...? Maybe he was so nervous about it beforehand that anxiety got the best of him and he freaked? Sucks way more for him, he's probably mortified.

enonymous 8

Giving head with braces will give anyone a panic attack...

Georgieeporgiee 9

In the literal sense... An oh dear... I'm getting braces soon...

enonymous 8

Stop giving head Georgie... I know I know it's a hard thing to give up. Take up smoking it's like a smaller penis(not in my case however)

Apperentley she blows

lolx7 5

in my opinion I think blowjobs are nasty. do u guys think us girls like it at all?!?

enonymous 8

108 - I find holding your purse in a store nasty, sat thru the twilight saga and bought packs of tampons for you when you needed them. One way or another someone's blowing me at some point.

Oh that? That's an orgasm

37 - yeah Avenged Sevenfold foREVer!!!

Oh, I see what you did there. 86--At age 14, do you really need to be giving out BJs? Yeah, I didn't think so.

austinkiser 3

Anyone notice op is post #129 lol

paynee 0

I see what ya did there

sucks more for him? actually, he didn't get sucked at all..

legitimmeee 0

What's a blowjob ?

blob619 0

Ask your mommy ;)

Actually, it blows

108-my girlfriend loves blowjobs, and she begs me to let her give me one

Must have been really good?

or really bad.

Or he's a noob..

Small posibility he might be gay.

Extreme blow-job op is so full of win

TaylorTotsYumm 10

*tears up* "just so good"

63 ahahahahah i see what u did there!!

63 made me laugh :')

born_hustla 26


I was reading this with my boyfriend, and now he wants to "borrow your mouth". Thanks a lot Nublet

jayer_hooo 0

rofl great comments here

well it can only get better from there!:D

He just couldn't handle the pressure.

ImmaB3AST 7

what the hell are you? a vacuum cleaner?

olpally 32

Sucking and swallowing like one.. that's for sure..

dudeitsdanny 9

....Were you chewing on it or something? Cause I'd be scared, if a girl acted like she's about to bit it off o.o Or maybe it was just an incredibly intense orgasm!

introducing, for your chewing pleasure - cock gum!

really? i dont believe it, give me a bj to second the motion...

Wow ... I had some slight anxiety & panic attacks growing up. However none of those were a direct result from giving and/or receiving oral sex. The more I hear about this generation the more I want to bash open the back of it's skull with a hammer.

ImmaB3AST 7

the more I read this, the more I wanted to bash you in the back of the skull with a hammer

dudeitsdanny 9

The more I read this, the more I wish I had a skull-shaped hammer

It's ok. Obviously, hearing the truth & facing reality can't be easy for you.

Maybe because you never gave and/or received oral??:)

"This generation?" I don't think I'm exactly part of the current generation.

Glitterhinoceros 14

Aww, look what you did now, OP :(

yer pic is hot

What did I do?

Maybe you should practice your blowing skills. I've heard a harmonica can help with this.

oh god...that was a hilarious fml lmao

mcxhunni 0

you do know giving head isnt actually blowing, right? O.o

I don't think 109 read that FML...