By ifpigsflew - 04/10/2010 23:31 - New Zealand

Today, I got hit by a Salami log thrown from a car; its metal wire cut my shoulder. I got scarred by a flying hunk of pig. FML
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Spider pig, spider pig......

Unless Harry Potter attends.


Spider pig, spider pig......

does whatever a spider pig does

spins a web? no he can't, cuz he's a pig lol

Stop smoking crack, OK!

lol but it's good for the soul.

"And then when the meth wore off I realized I wasn't driving and my boyfriend was just dick slappin the shit outta me"


I'm confused about the metal wire part. There was a metal wire in the meat??

who said pigs don't fly? hahahaha

He's not spider pig anymore; he's Harry Plopper!

Harry Plopper? Oh my god, can I get an autograph Mr. Plopper? Or maybe a picture? Mr. Plopper? Mr. Plopper? XD

how many peircings do you have??

love the piercings!! :)

I might be wrong but that looks like a neckless. is it a neckless or piercings??

what? jessi2487 is who I see but when I refresh it says someone else and of I refresh it goes back to Jess and it just keeps on doing that what the hell?

Got a lot of piercings there. How many??

Noooo, MissGrinch! Don't convert to the piggish ways of the humans! -Fluffy McTiger

you two make a good pair (: it makes my day reading your posts.

-bows- Why thank you, I'm glad to make your day. I love making everything revolve around me. :D -Fluffy McTiger

your very welcome(: would you like a flying piece of salami for your efforts?

Thank you as well. Now, where's EffinAHole to witness this?

I would, it'll be like frisbee with a dog. Only you won't get it back and it will be viciously eaten. Where is butt hole? Print screen and email. :D -Fluffy McTiger

It doesn't count coming from another cat. Sorry guys! Oh, and that catnip I just gave you 2 was soaked in anti-freeze. Sweet dreams! >:)

I didn't use any catnip though. I sold it to the Strays across the street. O.O -Fluffy McTiger

The cat was human when that statement was made! Night, sweetheart. We'll be waiting for you to wake up.

42!you need "smith" added to your shirt.

uea i was human when i made that comment! WAS. i decided to follow my true calling as a fellow feline

dude, smh thts all i can say

Haha, at a loss for words...

LOL! That's bad luck dude.

A hunk-a-hunk-a-hunk of flying pig

Oh, that'll be a fun one to tell about at parties!~

Indeed. Hell of a lot more entertaining of a scar story than what all the other people will likely have.

Unless Harry Potter attends.

44 that was completely dorky but hilarious.

Harry Potter's scar beats all! Who needs spidey senses when you've got scar senses?

Only in New Zealand would this happen... and I can legitimately say this, I'm from NZ. Bloody Aucklanders, it's like they're on a complete different planet.

it would probably happen in oz too.. actually we'd just throw the pig lol

way to get slapped with man meat op 386) 341- 9637 t e x t it!

Did you eat it? So is it the time when pig flies yet? Spider pig spider pig...

did you then pull over and kick his dog off a bridge??? (anchorman Refrence)

the man punted Baxter!

"WHAT?" "the biker, he punted Baxter cuz I threw a burrito at him" **Sobs**

Omfg best freaking movie ever!!!!!!!!