By sharon - 14/12/2011 21:21 - United States

Today, I was giving a presentation at work, when I said, "But we could care less about that." My boss asked if I meant, "Couldn't care less." Wanting to avoid embarrassment, I tried to think up an excuse, only to end up blurting that it was my phone's auto-correct. FML
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Wow you need to learn the difference between texting and real life


ShroomsOnAcid 16

YDI, you could have easily played it off as a joke.

eyeIoveyou 4

YDI for 'wanting to avoid embarrassment' by telling a lie. a really bad lie, too.

Cuz he was totally gonna fire you for making a simple mistake :p man up op! Who are you, Rick Perry? ;)

Auto-correct is the most awesome piece of shit tool I've ever used. I feel your pain OP.

To he'll with autocorrect! It's a piece of shut!

Damn_Hippster 11

Auto- correct screws me daddy Daily*

For god sakes, you can turn it off. That's the very first thing I did when I got my iPod Touch. Auto-correct is never an excuse in my book.

MagicGiraffe 12

Everybody loves a good auto correct fail!

Duck autocorrect. It's so shutty and it males me look like a complete took when I'm testing people in a hurry.

OP uses this site, hence the post. I'd bet they're one of those people who blame autocorrect when they use the wrong form of your.

... Who would turn it off? that's the stupidest thing I have EVER heard!

53- wow you must be perfect, in my book!

The saying actually is "I could care less" But it's one of those sayings that don't make sense. So I always say "I couldn't care less" But really? Blame it on autocorrect? That's just really bad on your part.

So many people say "I could care less", I don't understand it. Just a slightly mangled version of the correct phrase, I guess. Also, shutting off autocorrect is almost as dumb as blaming it for your own mistakes! It's helpful when you try to type a long word and **** up on a letter and it corrects it, or something like that. 60% of the time it's pretty handy, 40% of the time it's nothing but a pain in the ass. Worth it, though.

No, the saying is actually "I couldn't care less" and it makes a lot of sense.

Most people DO say "I could care less." that doesn't make it correct, though.

The point of the saying is usually to say that you don't give a flying **** so it would make more sense to say "I couldn't care less". But if you might care a little bit then yeah you could say that you "could care less".

I have a friend who always says "I don't give two *****" Instead of "i don't give a shit" so i just ask him, "Oh, so you do give 1 shit then?"

courier7 5

*insert insulting comment to #3 here* Everyone, join in! I will happily take part because "made me laugh" is a very half-hearted comment. At least complete the sentence or add some more information. Okay that's enough ranting for now. So long.

141- something too intellectually complex for you to process, my friend.

146, it would appear you severely underestimated 141's intelligence when you so venomously attacked it. I should hope you might take this experience and learn from it.

^ This person wants everyone to think he's smart too.

146, it is not too complex for any of us. You just showed FML how full of yourself you really are. Go attempt to impress somewhere else. Try a preschool. Maybe you can impress them.

Torva_fml 16

Oh for the love of god. Stop talking about intelligence over the Internet. You can bash each other all you want, but it's not going to Accomplish anything.

When I read comments that people write to make themselves look smarter that the previous guy, it reads with a British accent in my head.

Okay I was being a dumb ass. My apologies!

A7X_LoVeee 10

Can anyone take Graham seriously with that picture?

After being buried in this post, I'm back from the dead!!!

Wow you need to learn the difference between texting and real life

yourlifesfucked 0

Sum peeple tink thers a diffrence btween da 2, n other peeple r morons.

And your obviously a moron because of your spelling abilities.

yourlifesfucked 0

74- and you are obviously a moron who doesn't understand the concept of a joke, or simple reading comprehension for that matter. Learn to read comments before you reply with something snarky.

JurassicHole 5

76- Your first comment didn't come off as a joke at all. It looked just like how most people write on the web nowadays. Don't get all pissy when someone points out that your attempt at humor was a pathetic. There was no way any competent person would read that and say "Haha that was funny!".

StopDropNRoll 11

I saw it as a joke. Due to the content he was talking about.

Joanlysn 0

Lol I like how everyone is trying to best each others intelligence by talking like snobs.

55, do you not have auto correct, because, we can all tell.

55 was clearly a joke. If you couldn't tell, you need to have your funny bone examined.

The_Troller 14

74- I think you mean "you're" not your. Dont insult someone else and use the wrong form of a word.

The_Troller 14

129- If he giggled too it was definitely not your funny bone

jePomme 0

I honestly don't care if 55's comment was a joke. It still pisses me off when people spell like that when they know perfectly how to spell. Plus, I did not see it as a joke because that kind of thing does not always translate through text; it's all about perception.

74 & 90 - I just want you to know that there are those of us that agree with you. My thumb up clearly barely made a difference, but you have my condolences that apparently the majority of FML readers are idiots. That "joke" was not funny, as very little of it was actually texting abbreviations, but rather merely pathetic spelling errors.

tandem123 6

90- his Attempt at humor was a pathetic. What? Don't leave me in suspense.

I think he meant to type apathetic, but his auto-correct didn't catch it (previous comments make me feel it is necessary to point out this is sarcasm).

rikitsumiatsu 11

That's why you don't trust technology

bitchslapped22 14

Technology is smarter than you

Are you seriously blaming OP's stupidness on technology? It's called a "user error," my dear friend.

I chuckled at the fact you use your phone for a presentation.

At the fact you use your phone for a presentation* Double post, I know. Excuse me while I go kill myself now.

WTSchool 0

hey seth, no one cares :D and dont make a big deal out of it op, to be honest i dont find this as an fml

sunsetsbetween56 3

Now only of you were texting the presentation.

MagicGiraffe 12

I'd only auto correct fixed grammar...

MagicGiraffe 12

Silly iPhone I meant If*. Ohh the irony...

yourlifesfucked 0

That's not irony. That is actually the exact opposite of irony. The FML is referencing the iPhone's shitty auto correct, and your autocorrect made a mistake. Thus, it is doing exactly what you would expect, therefore, it is not irony. Q.E.D. Not trying to be a dick but one of my pet peeves is people who misuse the word ironic.

I firmly believe that the perceived definition of "irony" is one of the best ways to determine a person's intelligence. It's not rocket science!

MagicGiraffe 12

Irony: 1). (meaning in literature) 2). An outcome not expected. I did not expect my iPhone to correct my mistake while making a joke about somebody else's mistake. Thus we have irony.

On the contrary, your iPhone MADE a mistake while you commented on the mistake of another, hence lack of irony.

Horcruxer 0

Stupid arguing over irony, females

Holy ****, are you people ******* serious? Why don't you two just get a ******* room already and leave the rest of us out of it. And for the record, that WAS irony, plain and simple.

111- are you sexist? How discriminating!! *extreme sarcasm because I don't really give a shit what your comment said*

Joanlysn 0

142. How was that irony when my comment was clearly directed to 8.

Joanlysn 0

142. You "are" a douche bag happy :)

Joanlysn 0

How is there a difference when I am being brutally honest.

Joanlysn 0

Wow seriously? clearly you have problems with misunderstanding things for what they are. What is the difference between you being a douche and me being honest. Obviously none because that is my honest opinion about you. Not the difference between your and you're. Get over yourself.

Joanlysn 0

Well theres no need for that because you make anyone's IQ look like it surpasses double digits.

Joanlysn - just accept the fact that you screwed up and stop making it worse for yourself. Your continued defense of your grammatically-incorrect comment is making you look foolish. Just move on.

Joanlysn 0

Doc. I've already accepted it. I corrected my self in a previous comment by this grammar nazi. plus last time i checked I can say whatever I want hun.

Joanlysn 0

Well that's what get when you live in America people who express opinion. Bound to clash, your about as guilty as I am smart, i.e. not very xD xD xD hahaha!!!

yumlicious 4

Joanlysn is denser than Osmium.

Joanlysn - I was trying to give you some friendly advice. You chose not to follow it, and you made the same damned mistake ("you're") again, thus proving my point that the more you defend stupidity, the more foolish you look. I try, people. I really do.

Joanlysn 0

Wow did you really just hack my comment? You seriously have no life.

Joanlysn 0

142. I bet you create a bunch of duffrent accounts too. I be you are fat sad bastard that sits at home and mastirbates to animals having sex. Well guess what I hope one day when your sitting at home your computer ******* blows up in your face, so you due a virgin you pathetic piece of shit

pandouku 0

That sounds like you just looked that up in the dictionary smart ass -.- not everyone is big headed like you, And I like how you are putting such a huge effort of a word such as you're. Somebody obviously has no life. Your a hypocrite.

yumlicious 4

142. I bet you create a bunch of different* accounts too. I bet* you are fat sad bastard that sits at home and masturbates* to animals having sex. Well guess what I hope one day when you're* (WHY DO YOU KEEP MISSPELLING THIS?) sitting at home your computer ******* blows up in your face, so you die* a virgin you pathetic piece of shit Plus, a large amount of grammatical errors.

pandouku 0

That sounds like you just looked that up in the dictionary smart ass -.- not everyone is big headed like you, And I like how you are putting such a huge effort of a word such as you're. Somebody obviously has no life. Your a hypocrite.

Don't you love it when the comments are more entertaining than the FML?

Llama_Face89 33

204- it's stuff like this that turned you into such a bastard, eh? You get no appreciation from people nowadays.

MagicGiraffe 12

163, the REAL mortal sin is saying "your retarted". It doesn't get any worse than that...

Nice catch, but to quote the great Bender Bending Rodriguez, "That's not ironic, it's merely coincidental."

Damn auto carrots will get you every time.

I hate auto-carrot more. It's a dick in my ass.

*pain in my ass. DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT!

KiddNYC1O 20

97- Did Siri say "Whatever floats your boat, buddy." after that last sentence?