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  WHSKitty4ever  |  23

If your parents are smart, if he gets an allowance (if he’s underage), they’ll withhold it until further notice. Otherwise, if he’s not, make him pay the fine.

By  Sinshine  |  27

I feel like I'm missing something important that's different in your area... Why exactly did he think there's a fire from the heater turning warm?

By  Madrias  |  36

As stupid as it sounds, I could see this happening. Electric, or gas, furnaces naturally collect dust during the downtime of summer. As soon as the heating coils warm up, or the gas burner ignites, it can burn the dust off of the main air passage. The result, as one can imagine, is the 'lovely' smell of scorched dust, which smells remarkably like something burning.

If he's not used to forced-air heating, and grew up around radiator-based heat, it's certainly possible that he'd panic at the smell of burning dust.