By MorganRox26 - 31/12/2009 16:52 - Canada

Today, I was looking through pictures on Facebook. There was a picture of me and my friends with the caption "I love you guys!" below. I had been cropped out. FML
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daydreamstar 7

im sorry. *hug*

What on earth did you just say? Please, get a dictionary and learn the english language. Thank you.


123e3 0

well fuck them. get better friends

DreMaMa 0

Fuck Bitches Get MONEY.

ummm maybe ur eyes were closed ?


Rofl. I would take money over friends anyway. With enough money you could buy friends. I bet they would be just as fun to go clubbing with anyway. Unless I like, grew up with them or something. As for the OP, drop them.

what a fool question.. :D

daydreamstar 7

im sorry. *hug*

Disregard friends. Acquire currency lol I feel bad for u

awwww thats sucks! just find some better friends.


Yeah it could have been a mistake

Towelie_31 0

how do you accidently crop someone out of a picture?

MzRodriquez95 0

Lmao Mercy does have a point I accidentally cropped my friend too (winks).

Mercy is that why I'm cropped out of our s&m group pic? I knew it!:D

sgomfg 1

mercy u can crop photos directly in facebook u don't need Photoshop crap

pinktiger 0

the picture probably just accidentally cropped you out..not the end of the world

It's facebook, it was probably automatically cropped by the picture fitter. As for #87, maybe you're describing yourself. You sound like a right asshole.

:O:O omg i feel so bad for you . you should get better friends . damn hoes .

thinmint 0

well that was rude

Wowz i agree wit da pplz above me (sum) jus get betta friendz n if it really wuz "suppose" they could have fixed it sooo yea jus get betta friendz --simple.

How is that simple in any way??

What on earth did you just say? Please, get a dictionary and learn the english language. Thank you.

Were you tagged on the photo or just facebook stalking someone's page?