By nakedness - 11/12/2011 01:35 - Australia

Today, I was getting dressed in my bedroom with the blinds open and had nothing covering my top half. I thought my neighbours wouldn't be able to see in through all the trees, that was until I heard someone wolf whistle and one of my neighbours running away. FML
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Unless you're extremely outgoing or an exhibitionist, you should be more observative before undressing!!

On the bright side you probably made someones day

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At least OP has the self confidence to dare to do this.

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never underestimate the sneekiness

I always feel like, somebody watching me!!!!!

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#44, good Mr. Deeds reference.

43- I wouldn't call that self confidence

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@ #1: Well, where the hell is the fun in this "close your blinds" situation?!

If she lived in the country I would understand this... But still!

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I do the same thing all the time. And I'm not even bothered by it.

18- i dont believe 'observative' is a word... :/

YDI...who changes with the blinds open regardless of whether or not there's trees?

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Chicks who are unaware that boys live in this world :)

Sometimes I do. Ofcourse, if someone would see a naked DjeePee, it would totally be my fault. Nevertheless, it's pretty creepy to have neighbours like that.

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What if it was a girl screw you

Why would a girl wok whistle? Think before you talk, dumbass.

Because a girl couldn't possibly find another girl attractive.

I'd wolf whistle... But that's just me.

_ ( (( = ___ `- (____)) ( ---- (____)) _ (____)) (___))____/----

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I think 77 was trying to make a thumbs up?

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77 tried to make a thumb up but I gave it an thumb down

Looked like a rabbit smoking a pipe to me...

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At least they'll always love you for the free shows you give them

You never know where the pervs are gonna be

But at least she can always trust bacon!

That happened to me, except my neighbors we're having a party and they saw my top and bottom. My pictures are posted on every **** site.

Yeah... THAT'S why you're on those kind of sites.

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I knew you looked familiar!! Now I know!! Thanks for clearing that up. :). //end sarcasm.

this happened to me, except im a guy, my blinds were shut, and my neighbor didnt see me.

Agh! That's awful. What are the names of those sites?

You're an ugly attention ***** stfu no one cares and we all know you're lying

My neighbours are all over 60 and i know they wouldn't look in but i still close the blinds. YDI

Dude, "whistle" was spelt properly in the FML. Are you serious?

103, get out from the hole you live under, spelt is a word

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Yeah, believe it or not, spelt is a word. And Kicky, don't hate on Amuricah. There are actually some smart people there

105 lives in america so either shes joking or insulting herself.