By roxieee234 - 10/07/2015 05:24 - United States

Today, I finally hooked up with my longtime crush. I told all my friends about it, because of course I was really excited. Until later that night, when he texted me, telling me not to tell anyone what had happened, and that it was a one time deal. Oh, and right after that, he asked me for nudes. FML
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roxieee234 tells us more.

I'm OP and just to clarify we were on a date so I wasn't expecting it to just be a hookup and the entire evening he had been talking about a potential relationship. I was quite vulnerable at this point and very into him so, obviously, I would've done anything he asked. of course in the end he didn't really want a relationship. and the reason I decided to tell my friends was because, as I said, he had been talking about a future for us and I believed him and I was excited thinking there would be more than just one night between us. turned out I was wrong. but also, no, I'm not a fuckgirl, just gullible.

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Say sorry, one time deal. Enjoy the memories.

Priorities are in check, covering his tracks and then asking for evidence right after.


Which part? The no telling or the solicitation of nudes?

Well she kind of deserved it. A hookup is usually nothing. I hear very little stories about how a great relationship transformed after a "hookup".

To me, "hook up" doesn't necessarily mean sex. In my mind it can also mean making out. In fact, that's what I thought OP meant at first. But then I guess it makes more sense that it was sex if he had the audacity to ask for nudes. I guess I'm just innocent.

I have to agree. The only FML is her feelings hurt, but that's to be expected, and how he asked for nudes. Unless one person voices want for a relationship, why would you expect anything different? And a lot of people don't want it getting out who they slept with, it was kinda a dick move immediately spreading around that you slept with him. I remember a FML where they woke up and the person they slept with was already calling around bragging. My brother can't stand a girl because of her telling everyone afterwards. It's kinda a private thing and you should ask before spreading it around and make sure they are ok with it.

You mean treat you like a slam piece after you act like a slam piece?

You're a cat. How tf do you know anything?

Everyone knows cats are super slutty.

Say sorry, one time deal. Enjoy the memories.

Your profile pic is perfect for that statement..

Priorities are in check, covering his tracks and then asking for evidence right after.

Right? I don't understand why he didn't ask for them first. What a dummy.

Send him the nudes of your new dude and say want more

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Don't send someone else's nudes without their consent. Creeper.

Send him a picture of a wrinkly nude man and say: here's your nude!

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Just spread the word that the sex with him was horrible and hot!

So is telling OP not to tell anybody because it wasn't serious then asking for nudes.

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At least he was considerate enough to ask for nudes. Yeah, no there really is no silver lining to this.

Dint worry honey. He's not worth the hassle. :)


Send him a photo that is censored saying saying that he'll never get it.