By roxieee234 - United States
  Today, I finally hooked up with my longtime crush. I told all my friends about it, because of course I was really excited. Until later that night, when he texted me, telling me not to tell anyone what had happened, and that it was a one time deal. Oh, and right after that, he asked me for nudes. FML
roxieee234 tells us more :
I'm OP and just to clarify we were on a date so I wasn't expecting it to just be a hookup and the entire evening he had been talking about a potential relationship. I was quite vulnerable at this point and very into him so, obviously, I would've done anything he asked. of course in the end he didn't really want a relationship. and the reason I decided to tell my friends was because, as I said, he had been talking about a future for us and I believed him and I was excited thinking there would be more than just one night between us. turned out I was wrong. but also, no, I'm not a fuckgirl, just gullible.
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  gracehi  |  31

To me, "hook up" doesn't necessarily mean sex. In my mind it can also mean making out. In fact, that's what I thought OP meant at first. But then I guess it makes more sense that it was sex if he had the audacity to ask for nudes. I guess I'm just innocent.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

I have to agree. The only FML is her feelings hurt, but that's to be expected, and how he asked for nudes. Unless one person voices want for a relationship, why would you expect anything different? And a lot of people don't want it getting out who they slept with, it was kinda a dick move immediately spreading around that you slept with him. I remember a FML where they woke up and the person they slept with was already calling around bragging. My brother can't stand a girl because of her telling everyone afterwards. It's kinda a private thing and you should ask before spreading it around and make sure they are ok with it.