By so sleepy - 24/4/2021 02:00 - United States

Dream baby dream

Today, as a lifelong insomnia sufferer, I was having an awful night. After tossing and turning in my bed for several hours, I decided to try sleeping on the couch. Not only did I finally fall asleep, I was having one of the best dreams of my life… Until my neighbor’s brat had a tantrum at 6 a.m. FML
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  Kraths  |  16

It could be an apartment complex. I can hear my neighbors across the hallway talking or watching TV when I sleep on my couch, so that's most likely what's going on there.

By  Regis Bent  |  9

Sorry to hear that, i go through a similar situation regularly. My upstairs neighbour asked/warned me she would start taking her nephews who are on the autistic spectrum, and that they could be loud sometimes, i said that's cool and that i had no issues with that. Didn't start becoming a thing until I would get home from a 2-3 week shift and be woken up at 5 or 5:30 by screaming and stomping. Never said anything though because they are great neighbours overall and helped me out a few times.