By cashier - 12/07/2009 00:33 - United States

Today, I was trying to clean the belt of my register at work at a grocery store. I noticed two strips of rubber stuck in the corner of the belt, and after pulling on them periodically all morning one finally came loose. It was a foot. I had been pulling at a dead rat trapped in the belt. FML
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Oh my dear god. Didn't it like.. smell or something?

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Worlds Stupidist Criminals. training mouses to steal.

World's Most Stupid Comment. Bad grammar, spelling and use of a plural. I wish I had freaking (sic) mouses

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lmaooo! that right there can scar you for life! lol *shudders*

This just gave me a really good idea for a prank.......... :)

Really nasty, I wonder if the health dept. checks for stuff like that.