By anonymous - 12/10/2011 06:11 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me for a chick I shared a hospital room with for 2 months. I introduced them. FML
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What a jerk :/ put him and her both back in the hospital... ICU.

At least it wasn't for the sexy nurse ;)


At least it wasn't for the sexy nurse ;)

I guess they fell in love. If he loves someone else he shouldn't be forced to stay with you. You'll get over him, this way is for the best.

Actually 17, more likely than not, the half-wit thought her boobies were bigger than his ex's. Men think with their little head sometimes I swear.

LeStab 4

Did you just use the word boobies?

@21 What's your point really - do you think women make better relationship choices than men? In this case, how come she ended up dating a "half-wit"?

are you having trouble reading it?

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yodaevil just proved keymans point

What a jerk :/ put him and her both back in the hospital... ICU.

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Such anger. Such passion, god am I the only one, she is turning on?

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Yes...Yes you are.

Yay for domestic violence. Would you think it's ok if your bf beats you up in case you break up with him?

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What a dousche-bag.

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You totally deserved it, what a jackhole, quit crying and get over it.

That sucks! The place that saves lives, yet it kills relationships.

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Or does it create them???

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Dammit 18! That comment was almost perfect, if you had said, 'or create them it does' you would have received 5 stars!

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A paradox we will never figure out

What sucks is OP's grammar

Maybe this other girl had a incurable disease and he felt sorry for her

I'm sure her desease could only be cured with sex. There's a lot of new viruses these days, who knows what could happen?

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that sorry. you deserve way better than him.

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Date his best friend

RedPillSucks 31

if he's willing to do stuff like that, you didn't want a relationship with him any way. I hope he didn't cause too much heartache.

Stuff like ... what exactly?

...stuff like abandoning a relationship to immediately pursue *another* relationship. Stuff like *as good as cheating within context*, as in: what's to stop someone who broke up a relationship to get into another one from doing it *again and again*? Stuff like morally-ambiguous, convenient excuses to put oneself ahead of whoever they 'love' this time. Within context of post, stuff like that.

RedPillSucks 31

Double post. Sorry

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Why is it a bad thing that he broke up with her after meeting someone? Maybe the bf and the patient were more compatible than op and him. There must have been something there, typically people in relationships for that long don't jump ship that fast unless something big draws them away.

stacianichole 2

9- astute observation.

What a douche. You can do so much better. He doesn't deserve you.

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Oh, the irony of true love.

So you'd rather have had him stay with you regardless of any feelings he might've had for this other girl? After three years, he probably left for a good reason rather than just being fickle. However, if he is that fickle, he's not worth it anyway.

ikickgingers 15

You are always so freaking positive, I only get like that when zoloft comes into play.

Oh Cinn the wise, teach me thy way!

So she shouldn't be upset about it then? I'm not saying you're wrong or don't have a valid point, but come on... The op can still be bummed about it.

stacianichole 2

No! No emotions allowed!

I'm not saying she can't be "bummed out" about it, I just don't think it's a big of a deal as the OP seems to be making it into (maybe I just read the FML with a different emphasis). And kinda trying to make her see the upside rather than just the bad.

je_suis_fml 11

The end of a three year relationship to some is definitely a big deal..

Yes, that's true, but it wasn't the point I was trying to make. Like I said, I think that it might've just been the way I read the FML.