By Byron fiddles - 24/02/2009 11:57 - Hungary

Today, I was on an Easyjet flight, next to two attractive girls, listening to a track which starts with a woman pleasuring herself. I don't like this track so I go to skip it but accidentally unplug my headphones, activating my phone speakers and revealing the said woman at the peak of her orgasm. FML
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marny_fml 0

what the **** kind of song is that.

I want to know this song to create my own awkward moments.


that would happen to be that rob zombie song would it???

which one.. more human than human or brick house 2000? they both start out with those sounds.

Jordna 0

I love that song!!!

probably more human than human and it's actually white zombie. lol. but if it is.. how do you not like that song??

redhedsaysrawr 18

i bet it is... thats exactly what i was thinking when i read the post! lol... you people have good taste in music...

funkymunky101 2

Maybe superman by eminem

Or Chelsea Grin-lifeless in the end

marny_fml 0

what the **** kind of song is that.

l think it's a disco song by Benni Benassi...not sure though. I listened to it at a friend's party and we were all like "wtf"?

Try "Food, Clothes, Medicine" by Aesop Rock Excellent song, but I can never play it out loud when anybody else is around. damn shame.

dangermouse2990 19

Yes an Aesop rock fan!:)

I want to know this song to create my own awkward moments.

If that's the song by Rob Zombie, I have it too lol. And pretty much the same thing has happened to me. xD

I did that at school. I was with my girlfriend and some of her friends and I went to my music where the most recent song was brick house 2000 by Rob zombie. then, of course, I hit play instead of next and the volume was all the way up.

I instantly thought of that song, too!

Diabeetus 0

You should have said you were watching When Harry Met Sally.

Belphegor! Sexdictator Lucifer!

Pudgygrunt 0

lol to #4. but its not too bad. it shouldnt have been TOO awkward if they werent too hasty to judge and you didnt ACT like it should be awkward. Just explain yourself

#18: BAHAHAHA! Win for you. Some filler track (forget the name, too lazy to pull it up) on Dr. Dre's 2001 album is just him banging some ho.

should of let the song continue playing so they could of caught on.

rcoket queen by Guns 'n' roses?