By ZittyMii - 03/07/2010 19:52 - United States

Today, a friend of mine had a Wii party and made everyone into Miis. My Mii had freckles. I don't have freckles. When I commented on it, she said, "Well, there isn't a zit feature." FML
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woooo that sucks!! sorry op. zits are temporary though :)

that is really harsh of them, why are you friends with them?!?


woooo that sucks!! sorry op. zits are temporary though :)

I don't think real "friends" would do something like that D:

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Wait,Did you say she was your F.R.I.E.N.D?

YDI. Maybe you should be less distugsting?

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wow, invest in some proactive, I heard it helps.

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Guys. friends kid. try proactive biddy!

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priness09 thats my pun!!! ass pirate....

24 - what does F.R.I.E.N.D stand for???

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it cant be. katy perry sponsors it and she is hawt!!!!!

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haha yea op there's way to treat that now a days...but ur life isn't ****** because your friend thought u had a good enough sense of humor to take a joke. and no proactive works, but it makes ur face addicted to it.

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Wow ydi for going to a wii party... Who the hell does that?..

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that's some funny shit. haha she sounds like an awesome friend. she was probably just trying to be funny(:

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I agree. There is absolutely no way to pull a pun out of that. WTF?

wow that's really mean...don't worry OP when ur face is clear and she has zits then put freckles on her mii

ydi for playing on the wii, jk the wii rocks lol. but rly get some pimple cream. fyl

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Remember that episode where I time traveled to get a Wii? Ah, good times, good times.

ok first wii party seems at least kinda gay second even people who don't get like acne/zits (like me xD) get some every now and then, it's just a part of life deal with it

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yes and the sea otters evolved enough to talk they ate of their tummies

this made my laugh so hard XD it's just a joke, OP almost everyone gets acne...wanna know my acne secret? I swim in my friend's pool :o

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what is everybody talking about?

the best cure I think to take sex everyday... better twice a day

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lol that sux but there is a zit feature for miss ur friends retarded If she dosnt kno wer it is..... ( no offense? )

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what kind of ******* ****** has a wii party. i call douchefest/sausage fest

Well, they had Wiimotes so it was more like an orgy.

it's not really that bad, it was a practical joke suck it up and move on.

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... who has wii parties...?

I agree. That person should apolagize. So much for being a friend.

Coming from a bitch that over-edits her pictures.

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um yeah.. proactive does not work...well not 4 everyone at Least. it actually made me break out more.

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hahaha ikr, seriously wtf

how does the face get addicted? Grows zits unless it gets it's proactive back?

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ydi for going to a wii party

Why does everyone seem to think Proactive is some magic cure for acne? That shit didn't help mine at all. I have to go on this crazy harsh new drug called accutain (or something like that) that takes six months to work. Every month I have to go in for blood tests an it has some viscious side effects. Like swollen joints, vomiting ect ect. ******* proactive doesn't always work

u should listen to puberty bop it's like kids bop only it's not

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agree with 41, Katy Pery is an attractive woman. So get proactive

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proactive works for me so HAH.

I heard proactiv fails after u stop using it lol.

I say YDI for participating in a Wii Party, I mean, c'mon, what the hell?

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wii party...Wtf. sounds like it could be in a movie called nerds gone wild.

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you shouldve said well they don't make a small dick feature either but I didn't say anything to you

Doesn't sound like much of a friend to me.

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ydi for going to a wii party lmaoooo

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did you tell your friend that there isn't a bitch feature either?

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@166: i've been on Accutane and it's horrible! I remember how dry it made my skin and lips and even my eyes got a little scratchy sometimes. My friend was taking it too and said they took it off the market, is that not true?

@24: i'm assuming it's something like S.H.I.E.L.D. |the kid|

Hahahaha that is a good one! I am favoriting this.

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200- I was thinking the same thing!

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wow... your really hot.. send me a message

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Yeah, ******* Really Insensitive Evil Not Nice Dick

that is really harsh of them, why are you friends with them?!?

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I agree with #2 that's messed up.

omg. when did the world turn into a bunch of whiney little *******? so your friends made a joke. get over it. and for all the people saying there not ur real friends. your friendships must not last that long

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haha. he's a ******. I mean who even has a "wii party"?

what the **** does comment moderated mean? ppls keep on saying it... :S

uh.... it means their comment got moderated. pretty self explanatory.

who has a wii party? doesn't even sound fun

WOOOOO XBOX RULES!! ...unless there are screaming ten year olds on Live.

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oh ouch sorry :( well come on laugh it off zits are not always gonna be there and u can get some treatment for it :) it's all good unless they make fun of u behind your back or something

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ahahahaha get dermatologist

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I believe the word you're looking for is 'faux.' Nice try though

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Good thing Wii hasn't come out with scent-creating technology, because your Mii would have a combination of bad breath, B.O. and farts.