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  hoopstar15  |  0

haha yea op there's way to treat that now a days...but ur life isn't fucked because your friend thought u had a good enough sense of humor to take a joke. and no proactive works, but it makes ur face addicted to it.

  boating_guy  |  33

ok first wii party seems at least kinda gay

second even people who don't get like acne/zits (like me xD) get some every now and then, it's just a part of life deal with it

  GeneralCha  |  3

Why does everyone seem to think Proactive is some magic cure for acne? That shit didn't help mine at all. I have to go on this crazy harsh new drug called accutain (or something like that) that takes six months to work. Every month I have to go in for blood tests an it has some viscious side effects. Like swollen joints, vomiting ect ect. Fucking proactive doesn't always work

  Brittneyyyy  |  7

@166: i've been on Accutane and it's horrible! I remember how dry it made my skin and lips and even my eyes got a little scratchy sometimes. My friend was taking it too and said they took it off the market, is that not true?

  JDFromSac  |  0

omg. when did the world turn into a bunch of whiney little pussies? so your friends made a joke. get over it. and for all the people saying there not ur real friends. your friendships must not last that long

By  nikkkkkki  |  0

oh ouch sorry :( well come on laugh it off zits are not always gonna be there and u can get some treatment for it :) it's all good unless they make fun of u behind your back or something