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By fishyrael - 25/08/2021 22:01 - United States - East Lansing

Today, I went to a new doctor for an injury. Instead, the doctor only focused on my weight and tried to basically prescribe me anorexia. She tried to tell me that 750 calories a day was fine and brushed off my exercise regimen as, "Exercise is great, but you'll lose weight faster if there are no calories to burn." FML
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you should report that doctor for incompetence

You should send this doctor's name to the producers of Dr. Death. They need a good kook for Season 4. Hopefully, you'll survive the malpractice.

A healthy, but permanently maintainable diet is more important than a quick drop and then going back to old habits. She's right though that diet has more of an effect on weight loss than exercise in general and no amount of exercise will make up for a bad diet. 750 calories though is definitely too intense though.

Irrelevant. Cutting down on calories intake is a thing, but down to 0 isn't. Actually, anywhere below 1,500 is generally accepted as unhealthy, unless you really know what you're doing.

ya unless you really know what you're doing... say you're a doctor for example or something

Ask the "doctor" for a prescription and send it to the proper authorities. If she won't, record her using your phone or other device. She's literally infringing upon any license she may have by being ******* retarded and committing gross incompetence (the latter being an actual offence).

What OP may have missed was that the root cause of the injury was the weight problem hence the reason the doctor focused on weight loss. Yes, diet is more important to weight loss than exercise. Unless we hear the doctor’s side of the story we’ll never know.

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That number is far below a healthy target, even for rapid weight loss. This doctor is recommending a diet that may potentially cause organ failure, or at least irreparable damage. "The Doctors Side" is that it's time to find a new job.

It depends on OP's size. That's a VLC ("very low calorie") diet, which is overkill or even harmful for most, but for the morbidly obese, it can be a good idea. For instance, if OP weighs 300 pounds and has developed leptin resistance, a metabolic jolt may be needed to get her to a state where restricting more normally is possible. Without more info, we'll never know if the doctor is crazy or OP just didn't want to hear it. EDIT: OP has added more info indicating that this doesn't apply, but that hadn't been added when ahabsfan commented.

OP here. Don't worry, I have reported the doctor, for all of you who said it. I definitely put on weight during covid, but I am under 200lbs, so I am not obese or grossly overweight by any means, just a little pudgy. And, ahabsfan, my injury was most definitely NOT caused by my weight, I was driven off the road by a reckless driver and into a ditch, spraining or tearing a muscle in my chest. Not sure what, because she didn't listen to a damn word I said, all I know is that my chest hurts a lot and gets worse when I lift heavy things. I told her it was a car-related injury, and she looked me in the eye and said "As we get older, arthritis..." I'm in my ******* mid-20s. She also tried to prescribe me 4 different medications for weight loss, refer me to a nutritionist, and would not shut up about my weight. She was rail-thin herself. I told her that I was dieting and exercising, and then she shut me down and told me that 750 calories was what I should be on and the thing about not having any calories in me instead of exercising. She is the third doctor to completely ignore the main reason for my visit and to brush off my injury that causes me daily pain and seriously hampers my ability to work since I can't lift anything. New appointment with a new doctor soon...