By Anonymous - 23/09/2009 00:27 - United States

Today, I went online to check my credit report. My credit report says that I'm deceased, and have no rating. I'm at least 90% sure that this is not true. FML
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90% ? Well I suppose you could be a zombie.

In Soviet Russia, Credit Report Kills You!


90% ? Well I suppose you could be a zombie.

no1askdu 5

or a prostitute

How the heck does being a prostitute figure in to this?

HahaYDI 0

#14 I am giving you +2 internets for your awesomeness, so now you're up to 145 internets.


z3r0ram 0

haha he has 10% doubt that he's living

missmollylynn 0

at least 90% sure you're alive? you're pathetic attempt at humor failed miserably.

Monie_Madness 0

And your pathetic attempt at being cool also failed miserably. Seriously, the OP was just joking. and OP, that FML made my day(:

Shanx 0

your a fucking idiot

Call in the Ghostbusters!!! Either that, or who isn't almost a zombie on some mornings?

#71, I love it when people call people idiots and use wrong grammar. It's fucking awesome.

:O Zombieeeeeeee

90%? Okay, that got me laughing. Try another site based on the fact that one is utter rubbish :P And throw rocks at their servers whilst you're at it.

Disturbed425 0

90%'s not bad. Most people have no idea they're alive so good for you!

In Soviet Russia, Credit Report Kills You!

HAHA Excellent

epic win XDDDDD this FML is excellent, btw. a good story and funny delivery. *double thumbs up*

so, you're 10% dead. no biggie.

I'm not dead. I feeeeaaallll happyyyyy!

they ment financially...

Very funny post, I hope you get it all worked out.

90% of me says this fml post sucks

100% of me says you probably have no sense of humour.

It seems you're only mostly alive. Now mostly alive, means slightly dead.

True, its better then mostly dead

"To Blave" means "To Bluff"

Sun_Kissed18 25

:D Princess Bride! I love you all for those references!

Ome! Thank you! I was totally thinking of PB! :) this made my day ^^ And OP- you might wanna get that checked out... I hear being dead (even just "slightly") is bad for your health. :D lol