By Anonymous - 23/09/2009 00:27 - United States

Today, I went online to check my credit report. My credit report says that I'm deceased, and have no rating. I'm at least 90% sure that this is not true. FML
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How the heck does being a prostitute figure in to this?

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#14 I am giving you +2 internets for your awesomeness, so now you're up to 145 internets.

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haha he has 10% doubt that he's living

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at least 90% sure you're alive? you're pathetic attempt at humor failed miserably.

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And your pathetic attempt at being cool also failed miserably. Seriously, the OP was just joking. and OP, that FML made my day(:

Call in the Ghostbusters!!! Either that, or who isn't almost a zombie on some mornings?

#71, I love it when people call people idiots and use wrong grammar. It's ******* awesome.

90%? Okay, that got me laughing. Try another site based on the fact that one is utter rubbish :P And throw rocks at their servers whilst you're at it.

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90%'s not bad. Most people have no idea they're alive so good for you!

epic win XDDDDD this FML is excellent, btw. a good story and funny delivery. *double thumbs up*

Very funny post, I hope you get it all worked out.

100% of me says you probably have no sense of humour.

It seems you're only mostly alive. Now mostly alive, means slightly dead.

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:D Princess Bride! I love you all for those references!

Ome! Thank you! I was totally thinking of PB! :) this made my day ^^ And OP- you might wanna get that checked out... I hear being dead (even just "slightly") is bad for your health. :D lol