By Hi, I'm Heather - 01/10/2014 02:05 - United States - Lincolnton

Today, my Spanish teacher told me that the reason the girl I'm tutoring hasn't contacted me yet is because she emailed the teacher saying she didn't like my name, therefore she didn't want me to be her tutor. FML
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O dear... That is one excuse to be lazy I haven't heard before.

lol what a dumb girl.. no wonder she needs tutoring.


that sucks

Too desperate for the first comment, eh?

I'm sure there's a button for that somewhere.

FU for ruining the 1st comment!

O dear... That is one excuse to be lazy I haven't heard before.

That's a first

Maybe she actually broke your name down : HEATHER = HEAT her

incoherentrmblr 21

Did you happen to tutor her cousin who tried selling weed for pesos?...

orbit 22

Succeed* in selling weed for pesos.

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lol what a dumb girl.. no wonder she needs tutoring.

That's absolutely ridiculous. How can she get out of tutoring just because of that? My tutor for maths was called Mrs Ramsbottom, couldn't tell the school I didn't like HER name!

i had a teacher, mrs heine. which was pronounced "hiney"

PoisonOrchid 21

9th grade geometry...Mr. Jack Hoffman.

Maybe you should be glad you don't have to tutor her.. I can't imagine the actual level of stupid there.

Change your name to #3P!cTuT0R453 I'm sure that would interest all these internet savvy young ins.

And it's pronounced Smyth-Westcot.

Maybe Heather means something terrible in Spanish?

#12 A quick trip to Google could have answered that question for you.

not to mention if the person needed tutoring in thay area they probably wouldnt know if it was

There are a lot of meanings for Heather. it's a color, a flower, a medication. it comes no where near offensive.

MaxCrack 2

I got that it was joke anyway.

Couldn't she just call you Ms. [insert last name here] Unless that's not her forte either

I know but with a name dislike it seems like a working antidote

Well looks like that girl is places, not college, but places...

I would hope she is not a college....

Being a college isnt easy, so many people inside you...(shivers)

Maybe she's one of those idiots that thinks that because you don't have a Spanish sounding name, you're not qualifies to tutor her.

And of course leave it to my tired self to typo and not notice until it's to late. *qualified

Fucking hell! *too I quit!

Hmmm, maybe