By mel - 30/08/2009 15:23 - United States

Today, I had a stressful day at work and decided to go in the jacuzzi. I hadn't used it for a year, so it was a little dirty. After I cleaned it, filled it up, and jumped in, I pressed the jets. Immediately, thousands of dead moths shot out at full speed towards me. FML
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that's more than "a little" dirty

LOL. right when you turned it on, i was gonna call something shooting at you. FYL, but YDI for not checking the jets.


that's more than "a little" dirty

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i. am. so. jealous. OF YOU

quality of consumer goods these days are worsening, due to the goverment not being strct enough

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Yes, because who in their right mind would protest making "Clean Out Your Year Old Jacuzzi Day" mandatory?

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Clean your jacuzzi then Make Me A Sandwich

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^Guide by hometips.com^

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Obviously you didn't clean out the jacuzzi well enough if there are moths shooting out of the jets. Even if you can't clean the jets, you could have always ran the jets before getting in. YDI

lol who the frick has a jacuzzi and doesnt use it for a year

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that's what I'm sayin!

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i really doubt it was thousands

IKR! I would loveeeee a jacuzzi

Honestly though. Who turns it on before they walk in? I'm so jealous. I wouldn't have the thing off all year.


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FIRST omg please dont be mean to me

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psh, YEAH RIGHT even im closer than y ou

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wow...that was my own comment....i really suck

second, third, fourth, fifth...honestly, no one cares anymore

hahaha fuckin' seriously GET A LIFE LOSER

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ew that's so gross!

LOL. right when you turned it on, i was gonna call something shooting at you. FYL, but YDI for not checking the jets.

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Same, I clicked both FYL and YDI. You should've known to clean the jets, but UGH whether it's your fault or not that sucks!

Agreed. The fact that he has his own tub as well is something of envy. _________________________ www.myspace.com/rapid99

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either way, if you knew it was dirty, why wouldn't you clean it? sorry, even if it was a little dirty, i would clean it, since you're going to be sitting in that dirt or it will be floating around you.

thats disgusting. and funny lol.

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Did you just therefor a few minutes to let it become an FML type situation? Really? Def not an FML.

What did you say?

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I would prefer insects over mammals any day if that happened to me. Imagine like 12 rats pouring out. was it your mothly?

Guess you'll be making that part of your cleaning routine now.

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haha that's vile. i haaate moths.

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metoo! haha they're so gross

They're disgusting!!