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Today, I’m a French teacher in Ukraine, and in class we were debating gun legislation. In order to get his point across, one of my students pulled out a gun and put it on the table. FML
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Now it's time to have a talk about gun safety! But that shit is scary, sorry.

LOL...I have no idea what I would do in that situation. Wow.


Now it's time to have a talk about gun safety! But that shit is scary, sorry.

LOL...I have no idea what I would do in that situation. Wow.

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"Guns are bad, mkay? Wow, um... Nice weather eh?"

Personally I would be bet him he couldn't perform a complete field strip in less than 30 seconds then steal the firing pin or other essential piece Wonder what he'd do if the subject was sex ed.

was he legally allowed to carry it? if so what's the issue?

Why on earth would you need to bring a gun to school?

For self defense! Duh! If someone goes crazy and decides to shoot up a place they will pick a location with a lot of people, such as a school. In that case this kid is armed and ready to protect himself AND other students around him! He's equipped to fight back if need be.

An armed student, no mater what their intentions, would not make me feel safer in that environment. Just having a gun in the room increases the risk of someone being hurt or killed without any other outside threat. And just knowing that you have a gun will make you more likely to escalate any dangerous situation than to de-escalate. If people feel unsafe, it's better to hire more security than it is to allow people to bring their own weapons designed to kill people. At least that way, you have trained people handling the guns instead of someone who may or may not know what they are doing.

He wasn't. Ukraine has very strict gun laws. The was those are enforced (or rather not enforced) is another matter entirely.

Having a security uniform on doesn't mean they know proper weapon safety or fundamentals. And having a firearm doesn't mean you will escalate the situation. That depends on a person's mentality. Anyone who is willing to escalate a situation to using deadly force over a simple argument shouldn't have a firearm to begin with and if they do it puts responsible firearm owners in a bad light. Just like drivers with road rage. A car can kill if used irresponsibly too.

I would trust a security guard over a kid with a gun

Yes and to drive a car you have to take a class and pass a test. And you have that right taken away if you are reckless or hurt someone. In the US at least it's very easy for anyone to get a gun, trained or not. An individual security guard might be reckless, too, sure. But at least you know he or she has training.

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#30 how do you know for sure a security guard is trained?

Guns are not designed to kill people. They use to around first making them but not anymore. You obviously do not know much about guns which doesnt make your arguments much valid.

You aren't supporting your ethos very well with all those grammar errors, buddy.

I don't care if people want to own guns to protect themselves, but when you bring other people into it, like students in a class room, yes I want the weapons that kill people handled by someone trained to use them. There are other ways to to defend yourself in public that don't involve potentially killing someone.

I have a personal stake in my own safety, too. And I don't want to be in a place that allows anyone to carry a gun. Maybe if it was harder to get a gun and training was required to have one, I would feel better about it. Is that too much to ask?

Since this fml from 2012, I hope you're alive..

lol! went back to check it, funny it came up on the LAST section

Have you ever been to Ukraine? It's cold, everyone smells like soup and has a gun

Hey baby that's a lovely chicken noodle I smell coming off you. Want to grab coffee?

can't imagine how that would go in the US

The news media would twist it into something along the lines of "student attempts to murder entire classroom and God himself with a 900 caliber super murder deluxe Assultmasters gunny mcgunface rifle"

Yeah and he/she has probably been carrying that gun all year long every day in class and nothing bad has happened has it?

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That's what I would guess the student's point was, as well. When people are concealing their weapons, we never know how many reasonable, responsible people around us are carrying.

Great argument, it's best to wait until something bad happened before we react.

That's awesome. I really don't see the problem here.

If you have a concealed weapons permit, you are not allowed to pull out your weapon under any circumstances unless its in an act of self defense or if authorized by law enforcement.