By recordyear - 9/8/2011 07:32 - United States
Today, I was at work with my dad. He told me the only reason he's letting me work with him over the summer is because I'm a friendless loser, and he didn't want me staying home getting fatter. FML
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  MsRandomKatie  |  0

I don't care how fat you are, you don't tell them they are. It's not like they haven't heard it from some other person before. They know they are. So don't be rude...

  ChaoticQuiet  |  11

I understand that you think that being considerate of other peoples feeling is the only way to go about things, however I think that by telling people their faults (positively), you can make a difference in their life. That is the reason I became a personal trainer, I've seen immense changes, and they didn't happen by "being nice".