By recordyear - 09/08/2011 07:32 - United States

Today, I was at work with my dad. He told me the only reason he's letting me work with him over the summer is because I'm a friendless loser, and he didn't want me staying home getting fatter. FML
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Idonebeenhad 17

As long as you're getting paid, you can buy yourself a dog. He'll be your friend.


Idonebeenhad 17

Lol is your dad the candy man? Cause he seems so good at sugarcoating things

Damn_Hippster 11

He was generally concerned about OP's health and social status, I'd say your father is a good man.

I wouldn't be offended or surprised if this happened to me. Well except for the fact I've an obesity immunity :D good luck with that op, you'll be fine(:

daysgoby902 6

he didn't have to tell him that he thought his son was a sorry piece of shit

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39- so your telling him to sleep with his mother? wtf

Hate to say this but that's actually two reasons...

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Ask if it's inherited from him :)

Ouch that really sucks to be you. then again, what would you be doing if he didn't get you that job?

HEY!! by now OP could've been a lvl 69 warlock Mage in WoW

#18 -.- Warlock Mage? He would have to be pretty damn fantastic to be two seperate classes on one character. x)

-20 Multi classing, when wands arn't enough...

Haha I'm sorry the only games I play are minecraft, battlefield and yes cod.... Didn't know those classes were actually real :D

Midgets play WoW so they can feel normal sized and normal sized people play WoW to feel like midgets.

#24 Haha that's cool, I wanna play minecraft. x) And get a new console. @.@ Lol the console being because I was listening to Katamari Damacy music yesterday. OK MR SUNSHINE! :3

It really sucks when you read this and go wow that's me...,

The truth is like a foot 5 feet up your ass.

-40 Funny thing, that happened when my friends pulled that lottery prank on me. But I showed them, I showed them real good. *twitch*

daysgoby902 6

i'm sure it was your mother who didn't want you staying home all summer

daysgoby902 6

Prob the tickets that ALWAYS say you won $10,000 $50,000 etc.

yomommma 6

Probably was the mother. Mine is naggy so I figure other mothers are too.

Well at least he cares about you... I think?

Fx13mz 7

I'm sure you're getting something out of it. Be happy he doesn't leave you at home to rot.

salvorican 24

As long as you're getting paid, you can buy yourself a dog. He'll be your friend.

Valid reason. Don't be mad at your dad, he's right. Go and meet some friends and exercise.

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I don't care how fat you are, you don't tell them they are. It's not like they haven't heard it from some other person before. They know they are. So don't be rude...

even from your own father? I'd think the only person besides a doctor who could and SHOULD tell you that you are fat is your parents.

I understand that you think that being considerate of other peoples feeling is the only way to go about things, however I think that by telling people their faults (positively), you can make a difference in their life. That is the reason I became a personal trainer, I've seen immense changes, and they didn't happen by "being nice".