By asdfas - United States
Today, I was at work and my mother texted me. The text read, "You take a nice picture." To which I responded, "what picture?" I then got a reply saying, "The one on your speeding ticket showing you going 73 in a 55 mph zone. You are even smiling." FML
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  xNephilim  |  18

Get a life and stop being so damn rude. Just because someone's actually doing the right thing while you're obviously not doesn't justify name-calling.

@OP: I'm sorry, but this is hilarious. My cousin had the same happen to her. :)


Fucking seriously. They're all over the 101, I-17, and most of the i-10. I'm just happy they haven't completely loaded the 51 with them.


YDI for speeding though.

  Okie7123  |  0

Yea, seriously're a dumb ass. If you live in AZ you should know all about those cameras. If you're going to speed, know where they're located. I'd say your mom should stop opening your mail, but she probably did it because she saw it was from the court.

  zchpro  |  0

she probably did it because it was addressed to her or the husband. the ticket is primarily sent to the person who's name is on the title of the car.

also ydi

  gideeupp  |  9

Half the time the damn cameras flash when they aren't supposed to.
Usually if you don't pay your ticket and nobody comes knocking on your door, it just disappears. Poof!

By  Intoxicunt  |  5

This is the third speeding FML in about 36 hours. What the fuck? That big thing with the numbers and the needle in front of you? It's a speedometer. Use it.

Anyway, I was so excited for this FML. I thought it would be about how you accidentally sent her a nudie pic with your phone. But noooo, you have to disappoint me. >:[

  fluffypoo09  |  0

organisedchaos- If you have to look at your spedometer constantly to know how fast your going, you need to go back to drivers ed... you just have to glance at it occasionally to see your speed... you should be able to tell if you're going faster than that because you surroundings go past you faster. Don't try to use "safety" as an excuse.

  fluffypoo09  |  0

Also, organised, I don't mean to pick on you or be mean... it's just that i'm sick of hearing this excuse because it makes no sense... also I speed all the time, so I'm really not one to judge about this

  otokio  |  0

This isn't entirely correct, but it's definitely useful. The best way to empirically gauge how quickly you're going is to rely on the rate of acceleration and when the transmission switches gears or when you need to switch a gear manually. Basically, when you get used to going certain speeds, you intuitively stop accelerating at the speed you're supposed to be at just by listening and feeling for the switching gears. This only works if you're in a car that you're used to, of course.