By Anonymous - United States - University Park
Today, I was walking around my college campus when someone asked me if I had gotten separated from my tour group. He didn't believe me when I said I was a student there. This happens all the time. FML
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  Stazza11  |  27

I asked a 40 year old woman for ID at the bottle shop I work at, she looked 16, she said that I made her day and she has always asked to be served by me ever since haha :)

  FucYoCouch  |  13

I'm a Senior in a highschool of almost 2000 students. I've been stopped multiple times by the campus police because I apparently "look twelve or thirteen" so they assume that I'm a sixth grader who's skipping class. It hurts sometimes because when I DO try to look my age(18), I can barely pass as fifteen.. I learned to just have fun with it xD you should too! It's okay, OP, when we're sixty, we'll look twenty three(:

  mvc3ftw  |  17

I'm the exact opposite. I am 21 and people always mistake me for someone much older. Many tell me they thought i was in my late 30's or early 40's. of course,i'm a guy but still.

  Beetle7  |  9

When I was 16 people thought I'm 20 something, and now they think that I'm younger than my real age. I think it's annoying now, but will be advantage someday, hell, maybe I have some benjamin button syndrome.

  _parth  |  20

Good idea!! I get asked that a lot too! Even by professors cause I have one class on this and other on the other side like 20 min fast walk and when I walk in 5 mins late the professor was like are you sure you are a student here!!!

  warsun  |  27

Should see my aunty. She went here for a holiday with my grandpa. She speaks no English and went to the super market. She wanted eggs and asked someone where they were. They didn't understand and then she started to cluck like a chicken XD

  bluefrootloops  |  13

FML is most PC place on the internet. I just got one of my comments deleted because I warned OP about rapists on college campuses. It was gone in 5 minutes. Don't even bother replying to those "that's racist" and "how is this relevant" comments.

  Cheddah  |  2

How is this racist? Last time I checked they didn't mention a specific race. Sounds like you read this FML with a (insert the race YOU thought of here) accent, paused and thought oh shit Im bad person so lets point the finger.

By  mstoock  |  12

If it's because you look young then that's not such a bad thing you'll love it when you're older. If it's because you always look lost..idk what to tell you OP.