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Today, I saw a man lying on the street. He seemed unconscious, so, being a nurse I went over and found he had choked. I removed the object from his throat and used CPR to revive him. My reward? A mouthful of vomit. FML
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i think saving a life might be a reward

agree with everyone else. So you had to deal with an unappealing part of your job. I think it's worth it if it means saving someone's life.


i think saving a life might be a reward

Really. What a selfish bitch. He gave you everything he had.

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wtf? how is it a shitty nurse just because he doesn't appreciate that he got vomited in (not on, in)? And the OP never said they expected a reward, that was metaphorical AND sarcastic... dumbass

sorry first off who uses CPR to get stuff out? you use the hulmulch maneuver/J thrust(sorry don't know how to spell it)to clear the throat? Second if you do the J thrust,you should expect throw up

As a nurse you should know that vomiting after receiving CPR especially after choking is a very common thing. Hence the reason they gave masks that allow air through one way but not anything (in your case vomit) back through the other way or you cans always tilt the head slightly away from you just in case you anticipate such an event...

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143, shut up until you know what you're talking about.

Number 70, she wasn't being selfish just because of feeling bad for having a mouthful of semi-digested shit. She saved a ******* life ( or he ) what a bitch ay? She tasted another persons vomit, I don't expect you'd be a jolly little bastard then, would you?

There should be a comma before ay, I know.

Let's see you save a choking man and get vomited, it's not selfish to save a man who's choking you know...

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Gahh i can't think of anything witty to say :/

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Well that stinks. Get it? Stink? Vomit? No? Oh well, I tried :)

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Don't worry, I suffer from that all the time. I always think of witty comments twelve minutes past the appropriate time to respond. Such is my life.

u gave the gift life and if that shou not be rewarding then nothin iz

Uhh being a nurse you should know that these types of things happen during CPR when a person wakes, it's not like this person being brought back from death suddenly had a thought that they should throw up on you it just kind of happens. some nurse you are

So because the OP's a nurse he should be okay with getting a mouthful of someone else's vomit while trying to help them? I'd love to see what you would do in their position, man. If you're okay with other peoples puke *in your mouth* I'm afraid of what else you're okay with.

I'm assuming if you were a nurse you'd know that is a pretty likely outcome from CPR. It sucks but that would be like a janitor whining about having to clean up after other people. Its part of the job.

My wife nearly choked to death in March. I saved her with the Heimlich Maneuver. My reward? I get to keep her. You got the better deal.

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LOL.. carefull... they don't call it the Heimlich Maneuver anymore, something like "abdominal thrust maneuver" now i think, just wanted to warn you as there are some crazy people on this site....

I had heard that the Heimlich family complained. **** 'em.

Seriously? Why would a family complain that their surname is attached to a potentially life-saving tactic?

TheBigDawg, They're probably complaining because they ain't gettin' no money from it. I don't know why the Alzheimer family isn't complaining,or any of those whose family name is associated with something horrible.

So you'd be okay with someone puking in your mouth because you were giving them CPR?

agree with everyone else. So you had to deal with an unappealing part of your job. I think it's worth it if it means saving someone's life.

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