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Today, my parents met my fiancée's parents for the first time in a large family gathering two weeks before our formal wedding. Both sets of parents were telling funny stories about our pasts. My dad's story won. He told how I spent a week in jail earlier this year. FML
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What did you go to jail for? If it was something small then it's not that big of a deal.

Wow, giving them a bad impression? That's embarrassing... Happy wedding? :P


hahah well they have a righ to know... I guess

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Well now it's about time to bust out the stories about your dad huh?

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it sucks to let the in-laws know the truth about you, lol. ydi it was just a year ago.

So the next time I come for you, I'm gonna want some cocktail... FRUIT!

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but your parents should have met earlier but that's just my opinion

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wow did they all just laugh or was there a very long akward silence

Took them long enough to meet each other, huh?

Oh good cuz I was about to post it again :)

What's the fml it was just a week it's not like you served time for manslaughter and rape.

normally when you tell stories like that, you make sure they are at least 5 years old haha. so your dad is a dick but also YDI because you got yourself in there (actually I'm assuming that, a lot of people are in jail that aren't guilty)

My dad went to jail for 100 days when he was younger because he didn't have the money to pay off a speeding ticket. Does that make him a bad person?

Sorry, but I think YDI for doing something criminal enough to go to jail. If you hadn't then that story wouldn't have been told, would it? Mmmhmmm.

52 stfu. sometimes people go to jail for dumb reasons

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#59 Not true. People can be convicted of a crime and do up to 365 days in jail, any sentence of over 365 days is prison time. Also people can be put on probation after being convicted.

Your dad is a bastard for telling about the conviction over the chimpanzee "incident". Your in-laws will never let you live that one down.

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I don't know what state you're coming from but in PA you can do up to 23 1/2 months in county jail. anything more than that is prison time.

65: FFS, look it up. This isn't Yahoo Answers. -.-

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yeh and you get the same jerks at Yahoo answers as here :P

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id b pissed at my dad. id cuss him out. but thats just me. OP, u shuda juz told ur pretty sure theyd understand.bahaha.:]

If you're not honest with your fsoon to be wife and parents then you're not ready to be married

in wisconsin you can get arrested if you dont pay a speeding ticket on the spot.

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you make it sound like he's coming on to her!!! XD

What did you go to jail for? If it was something small then it's not that big of a deal.

y'all should all go tour Alcatraz and see if it's awkward now lol. road trip!!

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I hope you get soap on a rope as a wedding gift.

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^ WIN!!!!!!! omg I laughed so hard at this!! :D

lmao. It took me a second there but that was pretty damn hilarious.

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Jail, shmail. This would really be an FML if you went to jail for soliciting prostitutes.

Wow, giving them a bad impression? That's embarrassing... Happy wedding? :P

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tell them ur dad has ED, and to not ask why...

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why was you in prison for a week op?