By justmyluck25 - United States
Today, my parents met my fiancée's parents for the first time in a large family gathering two weeks before our formal wedding. Both sets of parents were telling funny stories about our pasts. My dad's story won. He told how I spent a week in jail earlier this year. FML
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  Sharpie23  |  7

normally when you tell stories like that, you make sure they are at least 5 years old haha. so your dad is a dick but also YDI because you got yourself in there (actually I'm assuming that, a lot of people are in jail that aren't guilty)

  JCo352  |  3

#59 Not true. People can be convicted of a crime and do up to 365 days in jail, any sentence of over 365 days is prison time. Also people can be put on probation after being convicted.

  FarSide  |  22

Your dad is a bastard for telling about the conviction over the chimpanzee "incident". Your in-laws will never let you live that one down.