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Today, I was trying on some shoes when I felt the heels break underneath me. Not only did they cost two paychecks worth, but as I was leaving I heard the sales girl say that "we really should have a weight limit for who can try on our products." FML
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geeze, leave her alone. people can break heels easily without being big. my best friend is 60kg, and really tall, and she broke a pair of heels when we were out the other night. honestly, they can be easy to break, she might not have been a big person. even if she is, some of you arseholes need to shut the **** up, cos theres no way in hell you're perfect, let alone the op. and whats so bad bout trying on something you might not buy? i try on shoes and clothes that are expensive that i dont have an intention of buying, but just want to see what it looks like, and then maybe save up and buy it. plus, two paychecks worth? ever thing maybe she has a part time job whilst at school or uni??! i say complain to the manager, cos that was rude what the girl said. and dw about what some of the idiots on here are saying! :)

Why does the thyroid gland always get mentioned in fat threads? Most people aren't fat because their thyroid doesn't work. They're fat because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. I'm sorry if you genuinely have a thyroid problem, #92, but just because you have it, it doesn't mean every other fat person does. Mentioning it every time there's a fat thread only helps the fat OP keep blaming their weight issues on something or someone other than themselves.


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Lol i know! They should stop complaining about it. Go drown ur sorrows in a tub of ice-cream. It will love u cause nothing else will XD

Well, she doesn't deserve it for being fat, but she does deserve it for being fat en trying on high heels. Come on, don't you have a mirror at home? You're fat and you know it. That's alright, but you need to take that in account. You can't put all your weight on such a small surface. Even if the heels hadn't broken off, you probably would have left dents in wooden floors with them. TL;DR: high heels are not for fatties. Deal with it.


1. One Gallon of HiagenDazs(sp?) Caramel Bliss Ice Cream 2. Season 4 of Sex and City 3. a Wtf Blanket 4. Fireplace on and cooking nice fresh logs 5.Nice comfy slippers Her perfect night. Lol #1 said a YDI that makes sense and didnt say Im #1 Hes a good example.

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no she deserves it for not turning around and bitching out the worker

I really hope all of you wake up tomorrow and discover your thyroid gland has decreased its output to 50%. I'm under no illusions that it'll actually turn any of you into nice people, but perhaps you'll get so depressed about your shiny new fatness that you'll all go out and kill yourselves. Which will leave a little more oxygen for those of us whose self-image isn't contingent upon seeing how closely we can skirt malnutrition without falling over. Lots of love xxx

(On reflection, that's not entirely fair. I have noticed that the harshest critics of the obese are not the very slim - why would they care? - but those who are carrying about 10kg more than they think they should, and are INSANELY bothered about it. )

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Why does the thyroid gland always get mentioned in fat threads? Most people aren't fat because their thyroid doesn't work. They're fat because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. I'm sorry if you genuinely have a thyroid problem, #92, but just because you have it, it doesn't mean every other fat person does. Mentioning it every time there's a fat thread only helps the fat OP keep blaming their weight issues on something or someone other than themselves.

Thank you #105 I was gonna say something similar. Also, as other people have said, if you are so ridiculously obese that you SNAP HEELS then you have a major problem. The OP deserves it not so much for being fat, but for being bothered when people call her out on it and not doing anything about it. Well i suppose that's an assumption, maybe the OP is doing something about it, but trying on heels is not one of those things that she should be doing at the moment.

Who says the OP is actually fat? For all we know those shoes had a bad heel that was doomed to break, fat person or not. :/

YDI for spending two paychecks on heels.

@ #117 uhhh, by the comment made by the sales girl made?

I'm sorry, but Jesus ******* Christ. Stop using the thyroid gland as an excuse. Obviously people who are criticizing people for being fat are not including those who cannot help it in their criticisms. And let's be real here... 30% of all Americans are not obese because of a thyroid problem. Pull your head out of your ass and get a real argument.

Um, has it occurred to any of you cretins that maybe the heels were crappy? I'm not fat and I've had heels snap on me because they were cheap trash that happened to cost $75. Also, sales girl needs to grow some frickin' manners. I don't care who you are or what store you work in or who you're serving, when you work in sales you are POLITE and PROFESSIONAL at ALL TIMES and you keep your snide comments to yourself no matter WHAT you think. If you can't do that, then go find a career that isn't customer service. Regarding the fat debate - there's issues on both sides of it. Some people are genuinely overweight, some for medical reasons (and believe me, issues such as thyroid problems, PCOS, and other endocrine imbalances) can cause that in a damn hurry) and some because they don't take care of themselves, but there's also a number of people who are perfectly healthy and classify as overweight by government standards - like professional athletes :) because the government standards SUCK and are STUPID. There's also the beauty industry who for some reason thinks that girls half-dead from starvation are attractive and pimp this kind of look. These same people invented the babydoll dress. Frankly I bet half of the people making nasty YDI comments are fat themselves :)

Nope. Try working in a data center sometime :) Professional dress required in an environment hazardous enough that it's silly to not wear jeans. I snap cheap heels and I'm not fat - a lot of times it's because the heels aren't attached right. You can get them repaired, though.

Even if your thyroid is malfunctioning, you'll gain at most 20 lbs because of it. My coworker tried that argument on why she gained 60 lbs last year, her thyroid specialist called bullshit on her.

Lol, you don't grow manners.. You harvest them.

#157- Shoes that are worth two paychecks are generally built a little better than the shit at payless. She deserves it for trying on shoes that are out of her price range.

I work in a vets office and see some animals that come in with thyroid issues that are like little parade floats-because of the thyroid issue. I expect my heels to take all the abuse I give them. My little self running in stilettos is probably no different than a fat lady standing up. Expensive heels should hold up- manufacturers fault they didnt so lady should not have had to pay for them.

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true i would of cussed that bitch that worked there shes probably a 90 pound 20 yr old

Buzzer sound. Wrong. High heels are not made for weight specific, but for grace. You'd be amazed how many fat girls can walk on heels better than skinny girls. It's a matter of how you *carry* your weight, not your weight itself. I'm not crawling onto 3 inch heels at gunpoint, but I know a girl twice my size--actually, 4 girls twice my size, all dancers, beautiful women who are very round--who can walk on heels like they are sneakers. Ignorance is bliss. Keep your elitist world full of skinny people--it's just a sociocultural thing. Skinny people are associated with health and money--centuries ago, fat people were associated with the same thing, and then they were more attractive. It's basic breeding instinct. and @lots of people-- Fat tax? Really? That's such a hard line to draw. Who you perceive as fat might not be the same person Johnny A perceives... and some people aren't fat because they eat too much--matter of fact, eating very little, but fattening things, is a great way to get fat since your body stores up 'cause it thinks you're starving. Weight is about food availability and education. Cheap shit in this country is fattening, and the stuff that *isn't* is hard to find without the proper know-how. If we're putting up taxes on the very vague shit, I want a stupid tax. Any of you ******* who said there should be a fat tax are on that list. So, are we in agreement? You'll get taxed for stupid, some other people will get taxed for fat, and we'll figure out next week whether they want to tax you for liking to sing. ^^

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Maybe you shouldn't buy such expencive shoes

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u know people have feelings fat or skinny it people like you that cause ppl to commit suicide

lol  I'd thumbs up your comment but it's to long and I can't click the button but still,

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I'm totally with 212. Stupid tax sounds great.

Maybe they were bad heels. Not the fact that she may be a little heavy

Holy shit!!!! What an asshole thing to say!!!!

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YDI for being fat?. I'm not going to elaborate because your not even worth my precious time.

Dont be an ass, weight is hard to deal with

I've broke heels before and at the time I was only 90 pounds but I tripped did you ever think about that it doesn't mean she broke the heels because she was over weight but because she doesn't know how to walk in them?

@126 the sales girl could be calling a 125 pound girl fat.

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You are correct, #8, but the sales girl should show some etiquette. The OP should have complained and weaseled out of paying for the shoes. And now she should join Weight Watchers.

8 - So are people who smoke and drink. So are people who have children really. Live and let live, and shut the **** up about the taxes you pay to live in a civilized country, imo.

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They've got sin tax for smokers and drinkers. There should be a fat tax.

12, there's a reason why cigarettes and alcohol are so heavily taxed. I'm with wazdog. Tax the fatties.

They tax the products, not the people, so it's ridiculous to say they should tax people because they're fat. Don't apply double standards. And OP, two paychecks? You either don't make much money if it would cost you two paychecks, or the shoes were way too expensive for you (if they weren't, it wouldn't cost you two paychecks, but perhaps 1/4 of one, don't you think?).

No, all smokers have to buy cigarettes, so it's the easiest way to tax them, the same for drinking. It would be ridiculous to introduce a high food tax because EVERYONE has to eat, fat people just eat too much. Why not tax them? It's not double standards, it's a different way of doing things.

They also have a tax on junk food you idiots. Ignorance would appear to be an even larger issue in your country than obesity. Why should people have to pay taxes for you to go to school, when clearly it's completely wasted on people like you?

You're right, in "my country" at school they don't give us a comprehensive list of every single item of food which is taxed. Shocking. It isn't just junk food which is taxed, they tax all restaurants and take aways as well as confectionery and crisps etc, so yeah that's a step, but you can get fat eating too much of anything, so the real answer is to tax the fat people. Eating one bar of chocolate a day won't make you fat, however, eating five plates of pasta, which isn't taxed, will.

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stupid people are more of a drain on tax $$ then fat people. wory about your own life and not other peoples. if there fat they have to live with it not you so **** off

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Not everyone buys shoes at a simple store, Hun. Some people go for Manolo Blahniks or Steve Maddens. (Or any other name brand that's huge in the fashion world). In which case, some shoes may ring up to nearly a thousand dollars. Thus, if she were trying on shoes like that, she could have easily spent two paychecks worth of money. Anyways, OP, I am assuming you were trying on stilettos if the heels snapped that easily, so maybe next time you could try a thicker heel. FYL, but try to be more careful next time.

Spacer, what does not having a comprehensive list of what particular items are taxed have to do with knowing that junk food is taxed? By your logic, someone can also grow their own tobacco, or make their own wine, and suffer the same ill effects that someone paying for taxed cigarettes or alcohol would, and be a far bigger drain on the health system. Stop bitching about paying taxes for health care of fat people when you don't know the OP is even fat, when there are a lot more drains on the public heath care system(which by the way isn't supported by tax money nearly as much as it should be) and when your taxes are wasted on far, far more disgusting things like supporting Israel's occupation of Palestine.

actually I'm not American, so no my tax payments don't go to supporting the occupation. Be realistic for a moment and consider how many people actually do grow their own tobacco or brew their own alcohol. A tiny percentage. At least something is being done to try to stop people from over indulging, I think the same should be done to fat people. Teaching us everything that is taxed and isn't wasn't on my school syllabus. I don't know how you didn't understand that from my previous comment, maybe your education wasn't up to much.

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mobius is completely right. There are so many more important issues to concern yourself with.

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#74 this isn't the place for that. If you want to debate go to a debate forum. But seeing as this is a post about a fat person and has nothing whatsoever to do with our nations decisions, I do suggest you shut the f+ck up. Cheers!

#74 this isn't the place for that. If you want to debate go to a debate forum. But seeing as this is a post about a fat person and has nothing whatsoever to do with our nations decisions, I do suggest you shut the f+ck up. Cheers!

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One thing I've notivced is that everynoe is assuming that the OP is clinically obese, or extremely fat. Fro all we know she could be chubby, or even just thick (like a latina or black woman). We can't just assume that she is massive just because a cashier made a comment. I could easily see someone working at a boutique (where she got these expensive shoe i'd assume), being some weight obsessed bitch who thinks that everyone that isn't a coke *****, or anorexic us a fatass. we are making too many assumptions, and the comments we're basing onb these assumptions are really harsh. With small heeled shoes, i'm guessing that even shifting your weight too much will make them snap, and that you really don't have to be that heavy. As for a "fat tax", that is ridiculous. As said, tobacco and aklcohol, are products, that are taxed. However what will we do? get everyone together and weigh them every once in a while to see who is fat? It would be more of a drain on the economy than doing nothing.

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I know seriously, why was she trying them on if she couldn't afford them? I try not to do that because it gets my hope up if something looks good on me

Spacer, the OP is American so why would you bitch about your taxes supporting fatties like her if you're not from her country? Judging from your idiotic replies I guess I probably shouldn't even have believed that you're old enough to pay taxes at all. A lot of people brew their own alcohol actually. Probably a much larger percentage of people than there are fat people who never eat junk food. There's make your own wine and beer kits available at a lot of shops. And while not many people grow their own tobacco, a lot of people grow their own weed, which isn't taxed at all. And I understand your intelligence is limited, but I said in the post you were replying to, what does you knowing a comprehensive list of taxed items have to do with anything? Not that you should have been taught every item. Just that you should be aware of that tax. And if you're going to start crying about where your taxes are spent, it's more than fair to expect you to have some small idea about this. donkey - You don't actually know the OP is fat. As a lot of people have pointed out, if she was really obese she probably wouldn't have fitted the shoe in the first place and heels can break even if the person weighs very little. She is American, and in America **** all tax money goes to public health care compared to most countries and obese people often have to pay higher premiums on their health insurance anyway. Smoking has no purpose, and is still legal even if it is taxed, and is a much, much bigger drain on public health care money. Basically, you pay taxes to live in civilized countries. Not to give any biased, uneducated moron a right to decide where each cent of their taxes is spent. 98 - It's no place to state that your bias entitles certain people to tax penalties either, so learn to post, you double-posting noob, and go find something else to cry about thanks.

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Minor point: In the US at least, smoking only costs society slightly more than obesity, not much, much more. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death, after smoking. It's estimated that one in three people here are obese. It's a pretty big deal. As far as taxes go, I dislike sin taxes of any nature. However, I think it is impossible to use cigarettes without harming your own health and that of other people, and so it makes sense to tax them, particularly because you will then only be taxing the people who are causing the problem. It makes much less sense to tax things like sodas, because a person who has made an effort to live a healthy lifestyle is not harming herself or others if she has a soda once in a while, so taxing her is unfair. It's not terribly American to implement a tax on all citizens just because a minority of them (for whatever reason) have difficulty controlling their weight. Fairer options of generating revenue should be explored before resorting to that kind of tax. As for the FML, I don't think we have enough info here to know what really happened, but I'm skeptical that BOTH shoes would have broken if they weren't breaking due to weight. Particularly expensive shoes, since they tend to be better made (though not always, as some have pointed out).

Last I checked 15 billion USD wasn't "slightly less".

Only because the government doesn't yet track deaths from stupidity :)

letitbe56 0

Where are you getting this number and what specifically does it refer to? (Ie, tax dollars spent on healthcare, lost productivity, and so forth).

that's like taxing black people, dumbass. that is just another form of bigotry, so shut the **** up and go crawl up your confections and crisps and stop trying to make a fool of yourself. you don't live here, you live in some other shitty country.

see, i'm overweight (and i'm trying to do something about it, call me out if you will, i don't care) and i partake in the occasional smoke. i have absolutely no problem with sin taxing because it's something i choose to do. however, how the hell are you going to discriminate against people by taxing them or their food? Why not tax companies that put out all these bags of chips and sodas? Anything with high sugar or fat content, slap a tax accordingly so they make that shit to code.

Steve Maddens are usually like two hundred bucks or thereabouts. Even Manolos are generally not in the thousands. Anyway I don't think #23 meant that that was necessarily too much to spend on shoes, just that it was too much for the op to spend - if you need two whole paychecks to cover the cost of a pair of shoes, then those shoes are obviously out of your budget; people who buy more expensive shoes regularly are usually people who earn enough to afford them. Anyway, if they were a brand like Manolo Blahnik or even Steve Madden, they probably wouldn't have broken very easily, those brands do tend to be quite good quality.

jaysus mobius before you go calling me ignorant maybe try learning to read and or checking your memory. I said nothing about her personally being the one my taxes (which yeah, I am old enough to pay) pay for, I said "for fatties who have heart attacks". It's like writing to a brick wall.

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So are people who smoke, have STDs from casual sex, people who do drugs, elderly people, etc...

Make a complaint about the sales girl. That's a pretty terrible thing for someone who's job it is to be polite to their customers to say, especially if they made you pay for them anyway.

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Well, the problem is that if a pair of shoes costs "two paychecks," it's not going to break so easily. This obviously isn't a real FML.

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I know, right? If you're a Fatty McDoublewhopper, here's a word of advice. Don't sit in a chair unless it's a chair you payed for, otherwise you'll be risking damaging somebody else's property.

Hello, welcome to the internet.Please reply to your own comment if you're replying to your own comment. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Depending on what kind of heels they were and how well manufactured the shoes were, the problem might not even have been the OP's weight. And either way that saleswoman was a bitch.

That's what I was gonna say too... I mean even if the OP WAS really fat, then her feet wouldn't be skinny either...then she wouldn't even fit in a pair of heels...and if the pair of heels WAS big enough to fit a really fat person, then they shouldn't break under the weight... So I highly doubt it was really the OP's fault...more likely the shoes were not manufactured well enough.

YDI, if the money is such a big deal why were you trying on shoes you had no intention of buying anyway. Also, in the nicest way, if you're offended by what the assistants said, maybe go try on some running shoes next?

Agree completely, I YDI'd because if you're trying on shoes that cost half a month, or a month's salary, then you deserve it for that alone. The excuse "oh I try on things I can't afford all the time" is bull as well, being a window shopper doesn't excuse you from the "break it you buy it" rule.

The OP never actually said she had no intention of buying them. Maybe they were for a special occasion which might warrant expensive shoes. For a nice pair of shoes, maybe it isn't that much. For a useless pair of shoes, that is way too much.

You can try shoes on intending to buy them, look at the price and say 'oh heck no!' Our try them on fully intending to pay, and realize they didn't suit you. Also note she had to pay full price for Broken Shoes! Nobody wants to pay for something broken.

Sorry, did not mean to dislike your comment.

Fat people shouldn't wear heels either way. It looks horrible.

It's like watching a walrus waddle on stilts.

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Jesus, how the hell fat are you? I'm with 14, try out a pair of running shoes. YDI.