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By fatmom - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom - Royal Tunbridge Wells

Today, I came home from work to find my son and his friends attempting to find out how many of them could fit into one of my pairs of pants. So far, five. FML
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Take this as a suggestion from your son and his friends that you might need to lose a little weight.....

Hurbel684 10

I hate it when people try to get into my pants...


The FML is about how the mom is fat, not how the kids are, but I suppose it is good news that whatever is causing her to be fat hasn't affected her son yet

shortvirgo13 7

I think he clearly understood the message of the FML. It's just a bad joke.

Hurbel684 10

If that's how it should be, then half of all the FMLs wouldn't be submitted. Guess the joke's on you :-p

obviousboy 8

I agree with 72. How about OP puts down the candy bars and hits up a treadmill. Although OP deserves it (in my mind anyways) I still can't help but feel bad. That's pretty sad. Hopefully this is what OP needed to motivate them to get healthy and skinny.

chlorinegreen 27

I hate how people say healthy and skinny. She doesn't have to be skinny to be healthy but yes maybe she should try walking everyday and eating better, just try and be healthy.

As much as I agree with #96 the reason people tend to say healthy and skinny is because being skinny is usually the result of being healthy, I haven't heard anyone say I'm healthy and fat before, just saying....

maryiah 21

102- I'm fat...and healthy. Now you have.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

A lot of moms do not have time to work out. They make lunches and dinners, work a job or two, help their kids with their homework, clean the house, and go grocery shopping. I know my mom did all of those things, as well as taking care of her sisters baby, and she spent the little free time she got resting. So before you judge OP, think for a minute.

Take this as a suggestion from your son and his friends that you might need to lose a little weight.....

Well it's possible they are very young (around the age of 8), and the pants are stretchable from the waist.

Five 8 year olds, though... That's still pretty big.

While that's incredibly rude of him (depending on how old he is) maybe he was trying to give you a hint...

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#62, why don't you go and "take up" schizophrenia? that's basically what you're suggesting.

afallingstar 22

Either that or she'll have to start pricking her fingers...

Sometimes a person is overweight because their thyroid is way off. OP may be overweight because of a messed up thyroid which is a recognized, legitimate medical condition. Or OP is "allergic" to exercise. We will probably never know.

Hurbel684 10

I hate it when people try to get into my pants...

upallnight11 19

Really? Please enlighten us! I do not see what they meant..

When will people realize "I see what did there is not a good comment!" On a side note I hate having to get on my pants too. Why can't we all just walk around in our underwear.. Improv everywhere does it with 1000+ people

I did I just didn't play it well : *hangs head in shame*

What did your mother tell you about letting guys into your pants so easily?!

Plot twist: Op's son and his friends are adults.

The_Big_Boss 20

He actually just got promoted, now he's known as Major Obvious, congratulations man!

GetPuckedUp 3

you must be a MILF if they want to get in your pants.