By Anonymous - 13/01/2012 18:58 - Canada

Today, it's Friday the 13th. I've never been superstitious, and I figured it would be a normal day, that is until my hot water heater exploded and rained water into my downstairs neighbour's apartment for two hours before anyone noticed. FML
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Wow, at least you didn't get killed by a masked guy with a chainsaw.

I don't see why people think Friday the 13th is so bad. It's a Friday, it can't be bad!


Wow, at least you didn't get killed by a masked guy with a chainsaw.

Masked guy with a machete* You're thinking of Texas chainsaw massacre

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Too bad we'll never get to hear from all the people that did.

*sigh* Oh how I love Friday the 13th; Calvin too busy stirring in his superstition to realize that when he comes home and opens the door... BAM! He gets the usual pounce :3

Well OP has probably landed herself in hot water over this incident

Why are you so obsessed with Calvin and Hobbs that you add him in your comments?

:D! But i Do Believe A Chainsaw Would hurt :P

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Right and what would today have anything to do with that heater breaking? Stupid.

It's water heater. Why would you heat hot water?

64 Funny, I always thought it would tickle.

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I feel ya OP. theres this guy that lives in my basement and my basement got flooded. Not once. But 3 times. Felt sorry for the guy. Feel sorry for you too op >.

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Friday the 13th is totally Jason vorhese with a machete or whatever sharp instrument he chooses...leather face uses the chainsaw.

51: I was at the bar tonight with someone that was celebrating their 21st birthday. OP: Do you know what the word coincidence means?

Don't you just hate it when that hapoens

I don't see why people think Friday the 13th is so bad. It's a Friday, it can't be bad!

At least your 21st birthday isn't friday the 13th like mine

I agree with you, 2, and you'd think it'd be a few bad luck moments throughout the day that break op; not a water heater breaking that ruins the neighbor's furniture.

My mother died on Friday the 13th last year. Now I have a suspicion. Luckily nothing has happened for this one.

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Yeah 85.. Why don't you do what 86 says and stop trolling everybody by using a phrase which people who don't realise there being trolled cant understand that you're using because it annoys people so much.. And 86 have you never heard the expression don't feed the trolls? If everybody did'nt get pissed off and just did'nt acknowledge the usage of the phrase and it wouldl disappear!

@#89 Commas ************, do you use it?

@#89 Commas ************, do you use it?

Dear #89, *slap* Stfu...... Sincerly, troll spray P.s It's spelled didn't not did'nt.

Oh no you di'nt! *snaps fingers in "S" shape, while moving head in a circle, horizontally*

#89: It's funny because you're telling 86 to not feed the troll when that's exactly what you're doing. Also, the whole point of good trolling is to not make it obvious. People aren't supposed to know they're being trolled until later when they think about it and someone was just messing with them. 85's comment was, firstly, extremely obvious (so I'm not really sure what you're talking about), and secondly, not an attempt at trolling. It was just an overused joke.

*realized someone was messing with them. Whoops!

You think you got it bad....I had to go the hospital to get surgery on fri. the 13th. It sucked.

I don't see why people think Friday the 13th is so bad. It's a Friday, it can't be bad!

... It's Friday Friday gotta get down on friday

It's high day high day smack a bitch down on high day.....

^ whoever gets that reference gets a cookie :)

Good sir, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down and answer the reference :)

Rucka Rucka Ali *extends paw for said cookie*

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17 we are born on the same day!!!! Except you're like 5 years older than me

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i got 99 cookies cuz a bitch ate one.

87, You get no cookie! Hobbes gets a cookie because he's cool!

I have always been superstitious and I have yet to have something bad happen to me (knock on wood)

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5-- idk why people pick certain ones to pick on. Just ignore them. My bf has a gamer tag that he made years ago, it's extremely silly!! I'm glad nothing bad has ever happened to you!

My username us just as bad and I don't know how to change it haha

i havent been superstitious until i was walking to school on friday the 13 and randomly snapped a vertabrae in my neck for no reason

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It's so much better than breaking your mothers back.

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If that happened, you would be in HOT WATER, haha. I have no life.

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Being superstitious is super stupid. Shit happens.

Hell yeah. That's the whole purpose of this site :D

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I think it's your neighbor that should be superstitious.

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If this would have happened on Saturday the 14th, nobody would have cared, but since it's Friday the 13th, everyone just has to make a big deal about it :c

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I see what you're saying, but I think a water heater exploding is a pretty big deal on any day. :p

I agree with 15, had this happened any other day nobody would have cared.

So you wouldn't care if your water heater exploded?