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By  savemypandabear  |  0

hahahaha XD its like
'oh shit! i'm sorry there seems to be a mixup. oh well if this isn't your son then...that means yours is the one we lost......oh...uhh......well-this is awkward.'

  lucious_mama  |  0

wow o.p.... THAT is a law suit waiting to happen. if this one is indeed real WHO in the F**K gave you ANY type of a wanna be PHD or paramedics degree to speak with families or be in that type of situation any way?

don't get me wrong we ALL have those F**k off days, but if your in that high of a place, there's no excuse for this type of thing... protocol is in place for a reason.

  wazdingo  |  0

#37 Lawsuit for what? that is the kind of frivolous bulls**t that doctors who save millions of lives a year shouldn't have to deal with. unless it is obvious negligence such as failure to follow important sanitation protocol or performing the wrong surgery on the wrong person. other than that they are under so much stress and pressure we shouldn't add to it.

  SmylieVyrus  |  0

ATTENTION PLEASE: random humor will no longer be tolerated on FML. So from now on, we will satisfy your entertainment needs with a sweet Comment Moderated note instead. thank you for wasting your time here.

FML crew

  Jafozza  |  0

How the hell do you carry on a conversation for 10 minutes with the wrong family? YDI for being so clueless, I wonder how the operation turned out.

  overthelimit  |  3

well unless you told the family that the kid was gonna die, then dont worry OP. if you did, play it off like he really was gonna die. then when he lives, everyone will be shocked.

  owneditup  |  0

i can only assume #37 misunderstood the fml... i wud cut him sum slack although his comment was the most retarded peice of shit ive seen, considering the wat it was wrote i really think that he misunderstood. if he did understand i agree hes exremely retarded and needs to calm the fuk down.

  rebbee  |  0

Well actually It does because your President should have control over your health care system in order to keep people as stupid as OP from being allowed to 'take care' of sick/ injured people. Obviously OP is quite lacking in the brains/ common sense department so would you really want her/ him taking care of you or administering any kind of medical treatment to you my friend?
I don't think so.
A fuck up once could destroy lives. Luckily OPs mishap was not life threatning... this time.
Theres my rant over.
P.s- as for Obama, you my good sir should pick up your slack when it comes to the medical services in your country!

  DocBastard  |  38

76 and 37 have no idea what they are talking about. This happens. I've talked to the wrong family a few times (like OP, I'm a surgeon), though usually not for more than a few seconds before someone realizes the mistake. It happens.

As for a lawsuit, in the US it's possible (though ridiculous) if there was a HIPAA violation.

rebbee is clearly an imbecile if she thinks this episode makes this doctor, who has spent at least 9 years of his life dedicated to medical training, unfit to care for people. You, madam, are the problem in society.

  FFML_314  |  11

Lucious, just because you found out that a keyboard on a computer has letters and they can make words, doesn't mean that what you said, makes any type of sense.
This is not a joke, I seriously read your comment and scratched my head and probably drooled a little bit. You dumb founded me. This is an extremely rare occurrence and I advise you not to attempt any type of conversation with any human being....ever.

  lissalove17  |  8

It depends. it would only really be bad if OP told them "you're son did great! we're expecting a full recovery!", only to remember that this was the family whose child didn't make it.