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By  Kurliez408  |  32

If she did this before you got engaged/ to other workers, she's just offering you out of habit. Dieting doesn't mean you can't have one piece.
If you're the only one she offers sweets to, she's jealous.
Congrats on the engagement!

By  Ray_of_midnight  |  22

When you attempt to engage in any type of self-improvement, including dieting, there are a fair number of people who will try to sabotage you. There's a lot that's been written about diet sabotage in particular, if you want to read up.

One thing that applies to any sort of self-improvement is the "crab bucket mentality": the idea that nobody should be allowed to succeed if others fail. When it comes to dieting, often the saboteur is someone who's repeatedly tried and failed to lose weight, and is therefore determined to make others fail. (Like crabs in a bucket, clawing back those who attempt to escape.)

There can be people who have a mental investment in their image of you as "the fat chick/dude" in their office group, for whatever reason. Or some people will sabotage you just because it's fun.

Sometimes your own partner will try to sabotage you. Sometimes your partner fears that if you achieve a more conventionally attractive body you might "get a better offer" and leave them. Or they fear that a sudden, unexplained assay at self-improvement can only be explained by cheating or at least by "looking".