By Carly_Michelle - 21/06/2009 12:56 - Australia

Today, on the train home, two drunk guys decided to sit next to me and make casual conversation. This was fine until one decided to take a drink from his beer. While he did, he sneezed in my face. I still smell like beer. FML
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OK, yeah I posted this on the way home. I got home a showered instantly. Yes I am a minor. No I didn't take a drink from his beer, and I don't know why this got accepted. I am not an FML worker. Who gives a shit? If you didn't like it you didn't have to comment, or even read it. I really couldn't care less what you guys say, I just wanted to set some things straight. But yeah thanks for comments, so much! It only gives this FML more popularity. /End rant.

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Take a shower or change your clothes? Yeah.

If missing the point was an Olympic sport you'd be a champ!


Take a shower or change your clothes? Yeah.

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when you drink beer your sneeze would actually smell and taste like beer. dumbass

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Why do you think the OP lives with his parents?

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wow, learn to read. >_>

When you sneeze you open your mouth. Thus, spitting out the beer. Get an education, dumbass.

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I hate alocoholics ={ Hope your parents didnt freak out.!!!


She was on a train. I don't think she would have spare clothes or a shower on the train.

haha wow #2 (well second comment named #1) the guy was drinking beer before he sneezed

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Just go take a shower? It's the easiest thing to do

wow. and now you have the H1N1 virus too.

this is one of those times where you say that you are dangerously claustrophobic and will vomit if they dont move.... well thats what i'd do =P