By Anonymous - 14/11/2010 00:45 - Germany

Today, my girlfriend and I were lying in her bed. We fooled around and were about to have sex as she suddenly began to cry without any reason. She cried for 30 minutes until I finally managed to calm her down. She said there was no reason for her crying. Then she fell asleep. FML
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Well that seems anti-climactic.

Pipity147 0

she was molested that happened to me and that was why


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that's why you gotta keep your pimp hand nice and strong

That's just awkward. Dump her.

punch her in the wiener


one day I wanna be first, and I'll do it with style thanking Satan and hitler for my victory

27 don't forget castro and Stalin!


castro's a pansy, but thx for reminding me about brother Joseph. can't do it without his hateful support

32, at first glance I thought your picture was a goldfish. I then learned that it was Caboose.

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wow u gotta psycho...

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She knew why she was crying, she just didn't want to tell you. When a woman says "I don't know" she is really saying "you're an idiot for asking".

she was probably touched as a child?

64, THANK YOU. I'm surprised no one else realized that, jeez.

82 nice pic

lol have sex with her by taking off her clothes and do it yourself xD or you can insert it in the wrong hole for revenge next time >=D

i do that sometimes yeah it's definetly PMS

And BUSH lol

your a retard so while the majority of men work and bring in an income, while women think it is fine to stay at home all day drinking tea and talking shit, guys are some how meant to learn to understand that they don't say what they mean

Well that seems anti-climactic.

knibbsy 4

More like anti-climaxic.

Ba-Dum tsst

probably because of his lack of ability to use then/than properly in a sentence.


28... What..?

28- He used then once and correctly at that. There is no need to use the word than. So what are you talking about?

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That would be called pms

@66, the FML was fixed, the original said 'than' instead of 'then'.


someone call the doctor, we got a case of bipolar.

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That's what I was thinking. She probably doesn't know why she's crying. Don't take it personally. If she continues to burst into tears without an obvious reason, you should encourage her to talk to someone.

cradle6 13

She's a hormonal young girl. I wouldn't worry too much. A girl I was with would do something very similar i.e. she would cry for no reason.

or she didn't want to have sex so she cockblocked him


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she just REALLY didn't want to do it...

Tikwichka 5

* Then she fell asleep.

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I love you.

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Fixed! Thank you! :-)


He was **** blocked by her salty tears.

slap her and youll give her something to cry for...

kidding of course ha:D

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not funny a hole

Not funny. Maybe you should be slapped for your sh*tty comment. Not kidding.

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y u no have cool car

chill only a joke, Damnn.. get all offended

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Seriously. Nobody can take jokes anymore. Btw, I really hope that 2.0L is running on at least 10psi of boost. If not, you fail for owning a neon.

skyttlz 32

agreed. chill. lighten up he was just being funny.

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hey I have a neon and I love it, don't hate!

ha oh really that's cool I just barely got mine cause i had a lot of work done to it

sassypants93 17

This made me laugh. I have no idea why some people find the need to bitch about a joke even after you specified that it was a joke.

Would have been funny even of it wasnt joke haha, sometimes people needs slaps in the head.

that's just something girls do... but not normally before doing it. haha sucks for u!

No it isn't 0.o

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I dated a girl that did that. lol Bad memories was the reasoning behind it, I think. like, buried memories that surfaced. .....that and she was crazy.

most girls don't randomly cry for no reason..... maybe over stupid reasons, but not no reason at all.

at least it's for stupid reasons

My best friend hasn't been able to have sex with her boyfriend because everytime she's about to she has flashbacks to being sexually abused as a child...

tmmundy 17

74...that's what I was thinking, something might have happened to her.


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Uhh no. girls don't do that. idk what kind of nut jobs you know but that's not normal.

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She's obviously menstruating. Give that bitch a chocolate bar!

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whhhhaaattt? lol.

Why would you want to have sex with s girl who's bleeding out her uterus anyway? That's disgusting!

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she is prob pregnant, hormones...

yea prolly