By Anonymous - Germany
  Today, my girlfriend and I were lying in her bed. We fooled around and were about to have sex as she suddenly began to cry without any reason. She cried for 30 minutes until I finally managed to calm her down. She said there was no reason for her crying. Then she fell asleep. FML
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  iSitt  |  0

She knew why she was crying, she just didn't want to tell you.
When a woman says "I don't know" she is really saying "you're an idiot for asking".

  shorncliffe  |  0

your a retard
so while the majority of men work and bring in an income, while women think it is fine to stay at home all day drinking tea and talking shit, guys are some how meant to learn to understand that they don't say what they mean

  my2centsworth  |  15

That's what I was thinking. She probably doesn't know why she's crying. Don't take it personally. If she continues to burst into tears without an obvious reason, you should encourage her to talk to someone.

  cradle6  |  13

She's a hormonal young girl. I wouldn't worry too much. A girl I was with would do something very similar i.e. she would cry for no reason.

  C6Racer  |  0

Seriously. Nobody can take jokes anymore.
Btw, I really hope that 2.0L is running on at least 10psi of boost. If not, you fail for owning a neon.