By What the fuck, son? - 11/05/2013 16:21 - Netherlands - Amerongen

Today, I walked in on my son trying to carve a bong out of a watermelon. FML
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Apples work better and it would probably be a lot easier lol

"No son! Ya made your 1st mistake right there. You want to bore nice and deep like into the watermelon for that really smooth hit"

Clearly the idea of giving a kid weed but no bong, will suddenly make him an engineer, is entirely true...

For really creative smoking, make a pipe out of a frozen hot dog.

My favorite homemade piece was made out of a rubber ducky and some rubber tubing.

hellbilly205 17

My favorite, that me and my friends made back in the day was a pen tube and a socket

my favorite was one we altered. it was a metal one that comes apart in several different pieces. it had an aluminum tube that slid over the body with crappy sequins on it. we melted it off and wrapped it in hemp string. it was awesome and versatile. perfect for a bowl or gravity bong. someone stole it.

ratman775 27

Or he could just roll it into a joint...

Well, at least he's creative.

He's creative and didn't almost burn down the house!

now lets all agree to never be creative again

I love watermelon!!!!!

I like the way he thinks!

Life_is_FML 22

Well it could be worse. I mean, he could've tried to carve it out of a mango!

narkill 13

WHAT AN IDIOT! EVERYONE knows that apples are the best.


Apples are best to make a pipe. They're too small for bongs.

Apples get clogged though, if you're gonna make a bong use an empty 2 litre, duct tape and a bowl.

I saw a picture of a bong made out of a pineapple once

ardencred 7

Pineapple Express!

iTerrorized 4

pineapple pipe... /r/trees anyone??

GuessWhatKids 13

/r/trees here... knew it'd be mentioned the second i saw fruit and weed in the same FML

Thats gonna get sticky icky icky.

CharresBarkrey 15

Is your name supposed to be Chums Word or Chum Sword? It's like PetsMart and PetSmart

I believe his name is Chum Sword, which if I'm not mistaken, is a very strange nickname for a penis. I thought I heard it all when I saw fap-stick.

ltaper11 20

That shows a higher state I thinking, but I got to say your life sucks

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Hey, it's all-natural ;-) he has the rest of the watermelon just in case he gets the munchies! Nice!

Even if he fails, look on the bright side - he has the rest of a watermelon to eat!

Isn't that pretty much exactly what 9 said?

Sir_ND_Pity 35

28 and 41 - Don't worry, it's all good in my neighborhood ;-) (P.S. I would avoid my neighborhood... Bad neighborhood :3)

Would you rather walk in on your son smoking out of a bong OP?

C'mon now, that's why its an fml. The bong wasn't ready for the bud yet...