By wah wah "you raised him" - 22/04/2014 18:59 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I walked in on my son holding a lighter to the end of a pen and sniffing the fumes. Apparently he thought it would get him high. FML
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The broke teens guide to getting high

You've been sniffing pen ink again, haven't you?


The broke teens guide to getting high

OP should teach him to huff paint

Oh yeah that sounds like a GREAT idea.

I think he was thinking of a vapor pen.. Lol

Think about it this way... Someone has tried smoking pretty much every substance in an attempt to get high... How else would the rest of us know which substances actually do work?

Oh yeah teach his son to get high! Are you nuts??????

"I am the fire starter"

glass didn't the ink didn't leak all over him before you found him doing that? glass didn't crack? hopefully it wasn't a expensive pen. get him help.

You've been sniffing pen ink again, haven't you?

This isn't related to the topic, but your profile pic with the leech and eye makes me cringe.

Wow I didn't look at the pic thanks a ton I'm gonna freak out now

#44 I thought that was grape jelly

Has this kid never heard of the Internet?

but you can't get high off the interent

This generation of children just keeps getting better and better...

ah, the obligatory "this generation" comment...

Back in the days, there were no such lazy comments about the present generation!

Back in the day there were no comments but we better stop at that because this could go on forever

There were generation comments back in the day. They just weren't on the internet.

The generation before us isn't much better u r the ones that raised us.

That seems pretty creative. Did it work?

Totally. After I read this FML, I went to go tell the local stoners about it. They were thrilled.

Everybody knows it works. Especially teens. They know everything.

Drugs are bad for you M'Kay? It makes you do stupid stuff.

Well, yes but I think you'll beg for them when you need surgery done

That's a whole other ballpark my friend.

In this case, I think doing stupid stuff came before the drugs. Burning plastic to get high isn't exactly what I call intelligent.

#34, #6 was making a South Park reference

this kid is trying to smoke a pen. drugs probably won't make him do anything dumber.

Drugs can also make you do beautiful stuff. Think ofall the genres of music and types of art that wouldn't exist without drugs!

#6, and then there are people who already do stupid things. For their own safety (and ours too), we should never let them near drugs. Unless we're trying to make a viral YouTube video.

Totally read this in Mr Mackay's voice hehehehe

Bravo to you #6, well quoted from possibly the greatest tv series to ever exist

Hide the model glue and lawnmower gas. Those will be next, and they kill lots of brain.... What were we talking about?

And the highlighters. They have high in there for a reason.

"Kids these day." You have the internet and you still don't know the basics of getting high? SMDH.

What an innocent mind

It will get him something for sure.. not high but something