By Wade - United States
Today, I was sitting under a tree at a park. The dirt felt a little damp, so I assumed it was dew from the night. A homeless man walks over and asks me to move, then starts to pee under the tree, followed by another man. I was sitting in their bathroom. FML
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By  gnitegracie  |  0

I've totally seen that shit before. There's this homeless guy who's always by the park near by house who acts like one of the trees is his girlfriend or something. He's always talking to it, hugging it, or pissing on it. Golden shower FTL

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Yeah, see, this is why I don't go to public parks anymore.

Not really, but that's just gross.
I hope you went home immediately, showered, and washed your clothes.

I didn't think urine was incredibly fragrant, and people don't really check where they sit in the first place.
At least, I don't notice people checking.