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Today, I admitted to my mother that I've had sex with my boyfriend. She seemed to handle it well, but when my boyfriend came over, she condemned him to hell in between asking him what he would like to have for dinner. FML
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I told my mom that same thing except she told me that if she ever saw him again she would cut his balls off..

"Let's see, we've got lasagna, seafood, you're going to burn in Hell for ******* my daughter, enchiladas, tacos, pizza, and steak! Take you're pick."


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Hahahahahahaha! Your mom is funny. But why would you tell your mom that you had sex with your boyfriend? This is a YDI.

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If I told my parents I was having sex theyed probably be like "FINALLY!"

they'd send me to a convent if o ever told them.

tell your mom you guys did anal and he supersoaked you

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so I'm imagining the conversation a but like this, "Hey bob, do you want YOURE GOING TO HELL FOR F*CKING MY DAUGHTER! macaroni for dinner?" idk that's what I'm picturing.

i was thinking more along the lines of "So, John, what would you like for dinner? Steak? Seafood? Go to Hell? Pizza?" "What was that third one?" "Pizza?"

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143- that one is much better. I giggled(:

Kingdingaling, I told my mom I was having sex with my boyfriend when I was 15. It's something you wanna tell your mom. I'm so glad I told her because after we got over the initial "omg you're not a virgin!" drama she actually helped me get birth control and it feels good to know if something bad happened to me sexually (pregnancy, STD) I could go to her.

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It was very brave of you to tell her. My mom would freak if I told her when I lost my virginity. Though she lost hers when she was my age. And she was with a 21 year old!!

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I_iz_B_a_troll you're a ******' moron.

"Let's see, we've got lasagna, seafood, you're going to burn in Hell for ******* my daughter, enchiladas, tacos, pizza, and steak! Take you're pick."

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I told my mom that same thing except she told me that if she ever saw him again she would cut his balls off..

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What a nice mom you have lol. But then again, mine would probably say the same if I told her something like that. And sorry if this is a double post :/

19, cutting his balls off is the warning.

your moms a doll? like an action figure or barbie?

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or if you really didn't understand what I meant.

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I was thinking porcelain dolls. They're evil while trying to be nice and polite.

Why is it such a big deal? I can understand if the daughter is like 14, but when you're old enough, it's the daughters choice.

Ah, but you see, 58, what age is "old enough"? That's where discrepancies occur. Personally, I think the undertaker should be prepared to deal with the consequences of getting pregnant, as a bare minimum.

it was a serious question with a tiny bit of sarcasm :P

I think if the daughter or son takes precautions and is prepared just in case something does happen then it shouldn't be a big deal... but how many teenagers can honestly say that?

Agreed, Chili. The people partaking should understand the possible consequences they might have to deal with and be able to deal with them if they happen. Basically, I think it's called responsibility and understanding it.

Those be forbidden words, Cinn! Chili, what were you implying by asking, "How many teenagers can say that?"

I was going to ask you which words are forbidden, Boppity, but then I realised that you wouldn't be able to tell me. Maybe you should tell me which words weren't forbidden :P

The R-word and U-word in your last sentence.

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hahah that's what my sister in law told me.. my mom didn't care.. :)

I think it's ok to have sex as long as u accept the possible consequences. like if she gets pregnant and u run away u shouldn't have had sex in the first place but if it's just like a bump in the road and u guys would still be together than whatever **** all u want.

xxxbooxxx i think you spelt your name wrong im pretty sure its xbox :P an who where you talking to?

I think most people fail see what the real issue is. If you think you're mature enough to have sex, then you should be mature enough to raise a kid in a healthy home. It's not fair to the kid if he/she has to grow up in a broken home or bounce around between different foster homes it's whole life. And most teens aren't ready to raise a kid.

this has more comments in it then number 1 ha!!!!!!!! thats odd im gonna start replying to the third comment instead of one now :)

That's what I meant by "consequences," illmatic2. Nice to see we agree with each other.

Yep, I would hate to disagree with you, Boopity.

I've seen enough of your comment to know that it usually doesn't end well for the other person.

Haha, true enough. You're intelligent, though; I wouldn't be that harsh.

72, I said it because I know so many pregnant teenagers and when I ask them who takes care of the baby I always hear "my parents" or "my sister" I think it's irresponsible to stick somebody with your child just because you made a mistake. I know there are a lot of teenagers that are responsible but it seems as though the numbers are depleting.

Not only everything listed above, but also the fact that you will have a connection with the person you have the child with for at least 18 years. Many adults have problems with that...much less a teenager that hasn't even found themselves yet.

*reads #100 and reaffixes chastity belt* Seriously, though, this is a sticky subject for me. (Don't be crass!) At first consideration, the ability to understand the risks and live with the possible consequences of sex seems like a sensible prerequite for participating in it. But as Cinn and boopity have said, who decides when that point has been reached? How reliable is one's own judgement on this subject? I'm 27, and although I've been mature enough for marriage for at least 5 years— indeed, I've been married for that long— IMO, the Does are nowhere near mature enough to be parents. For that matter, I know a lot of people over 30 who aren't mature enough for pregnancy or kids. The aforementioned standard causes a conundrum in such cases, NTM the whole "Is anyone ever really ready for parenthood before it happens?" question.

I agree, Irish, and my point wasn't that you can't have sex till you know you could raise a kid. My point was that you had to understand the responsibility (sorry for using that word again Boppity) and be able to take up that responsibility if you decide to take the risk. Though you are right, teenagers often think that they know everything (it somewhat comes with the territory), so some might think they would be able to deal with it when they can't. But that's what the age limit is for, or at least that's how I view it. As a point where most people start to become mature enough to start considering it carefully and making a better decision as to what they chose to do.

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hahahaha atleast she didn't do it to you.

Normally, when one says "in between," he or she gives two examples, not just one. But besides that, if this happened to me (which it wouldn't, for a number of reasons), then I'd have a reasonable discussion with my mother, or at least attempt to do so. Perhaps you could do the same.

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lol yeah I was sort of looking that over again to see what two things were compared

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She probably said "what would you.......go to hell! for dinner?" YDI

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she's like trying to be a mom and also a nice hostess lol doesn't work

Justin would you like some steak, YOURE GOING TO HELL!!!!, or chicken?

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do we have the same mom???? lol seriously this crap would happen

Reverse Double standard FTW!! =D It's usually the girl who gets the bad treatment.

Yor picture is so cute! Isn't that from xxxHoLic? I forgot it's name...

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32- what's with your hair?!?!?

Do you need glasses? Its in a side ponytail.

47- What's wrong with her hair? It's cute!