By anonymous - 30/06/2010 04:05 - United States

Today, my aunt and I wanted to do something nice. So we made cookies for a local nursing home. After tasting them, nobody ate any. FML
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I volunteer at a nursing home and just as 54 said, you can only give food to someone who is a relative. I used to buy diet coke for my grandfather when I went there :) and it's not like they can't have sweets. The nursing home I go to has an ice cream parlor and anyone who wants some can have some if they go there!


learn to cook better? well it's the thought that counts anyways

lol when people pass on free stuff then there is something terribly wrong so OP fyl and you sir/lady are an epic fail!


I was going to try to help the OP at first by saying that some people just don't enjoy sweets much, but then I thought... WAIT...we're talking about cookies. And nobody dislikes cookies. NOBODY.

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i guess thats the way the cookie crumbles

FUCK you bitch you don't have any pancake mix

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Noone there has teeth, how are they suppose to eat cookies?

#1- how would they know if the cookies sucked if no one ate them?

#30 they couldve looked gross so that's why no one wanted to eat them. If they were burnt no one would want any.

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it's the thought that counted :)

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**** those cookies, you should've known all the old men really wanted was to grab your ass & blame their forwardness on their age.

well I giv u a B+ for effort but totally YDI since ur cookies obviously tasted worse than shit

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If they were oatmeal raisin, then I understand why they didn't eat them.

My girlfriend's mom makes the best ******* cookies in the world! There practically orgasmic.

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probably cos they had sugar in them?

did anyone else besides me see this fml as today me and my aunt wanted to do it?

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in Soviet Russia, cookie eat you!

Was it a nursing home for diabetics?

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First omg my first first I didn't even read the FML so YDI

wtf is up with all the "comment moderated" shit Is there some dum mod going thru and like censoring comments?

Mods censor stuff that breaks the rules. It's their site; they're entitled to do that. I'm guessing you're using the app. I may be wrong, but I think there are usually a lot of modded comments on the website. We just recently began to see them in the app too.

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Who cares? if the cookies are good then just take them home and eat them urself.

Maybe the elderly's stomachs just don't work like they used to. and it would be bad to eat the cookie... but they probably just sucked :)

think about it, would you eat some shit some random people brought to a place where everyone is going to die soon? **** no.

I'm wondering if the nursing home is even allowed to serve them. Sometimes food pantries and shelters can't serve unsealed food from restaurants, because they can't vouch for the safety of the prep. Although they ought to have told the OP if that was the case; maybe the nurses wanted to take the cookies home.

maybe u should learn to bake better cookies

Probably all the elderly were watching their blood sugar, some could be diabetic and some are probably going blind; sugar is the last thing they want.

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