By BlootheBawss - United States
  Today, I have been released from jail because my idiot friends decided to get me a surprise hooker for my birthday. Turns out "Candy" was actually an undercover cop. My friends ditched me. I was the only one arrested. FML
Bloothebawss tells us more :
It's illegal where I live. And yeah, I'm working in the new friends thing.
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Candy, baby, can't you see, all I want is your candy?!

But what some above said- you shouldn't be charged unless you solicited sex. If you spoke to her and offered up money before she revealed herself, then you were rightfully charged. I really don't understand why that's not entrapment.. Anyway. Your friends are dicks, FYL.

  RockRoll  |  0

86- Otaku Alert- (XD) Ikr!! Yuri is my favorite, but I love this picture of Shiina. (CUUUUUTTTTTEEEE.) XD I'll bet anyone else reading this is like: "What the heck are they going on about?!"


It's in reference to the south park under cover cop episode. The male officer would go undercover as a female hooker. He would blow his customers and then arrest them hhahah

By  TKello  |  6

Wait...if his friends bought the hooker, why did OP go to train? He wasn't really part of the transaction until the Hooker went with them to the site right?

  DjeePee  |  24

*goes to Wikipedia*
Oh yes, you're right. Prostitution is completely illegal in almost all states of the US. Prostitution itself is allowed in Belgium, but brothels and street prostitution aren't.

That's fucked-up. If someone wants to prostitute their body, they should have the right to do that. Free will and stuff like that. I don't see what the benefits are of prostitution being an illegal activity. No matter what the police will do, there will always be prostitution. If it's legal, you can make rules and the police can check if the rules (like, no illegal prostitutes, no forced prostitution...) are followed up. Now there are no rules and there is a lot of abuse. Same thing with drugs.

  drawmesunshine  |  17

I'm pretty sure it has to do with STDs and such. You don't know who they fucked before you and what they had. Granted, if it was legal, testing for that would surely be mandatory in brothels, but people are lazy bastards.

  kaykay20  |  0

Even legal drugs and sex is abused 24. All legalizing will do is show that us and our government think's it's okay to sell our bodies for money. I for one am against it. It's not right.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@24 prostitution is illegal because people dont like it. honestly, there is no better answer.
doesnt matter what the police do about any illegal activity, its still going to occur, so that argument in favour of it isnt really productive. the fact is, its safer to make it legal than illegal, it is also a victimless crime that has a lot of negative connotations to it that are false. for example human trafficking - a crime in and of itself - is often linked to prostitution, however, legalising prostitution will help to control and minimise human trafficking. theres nothing that can really be done about it because a) religion still has a stronghold on the balls of societies moral core and b) once again we are in a period of sexual regression while still maintaining a sexualised society. cant see this ending badly, can you? :P

@78 unfortunately the realisation that morality is subjective is equally as rare.

@110 yes, thankyou for implying any career that doesnt require a high level of intelligence is unworthy of a place in your society. goodluck getting by without people who work these jobs.

  DjeePee  |  24

'I'm pretty sure it has to do with STDs and such.'

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the government who wants to force their morals on their citizens. You don't have to be a hooker to have STD's and having sex with someone who has one is still not illegal. It's a risk that everyone who has unprotected sex with a hooker is willing to make. Besides, many prostitutes refuse to have sex without a condom.

  drawmesunshine  |  17

Of course it's not illegal to have sex with someone with an STD. I'm saying one reason it's illegal is probably because of health reasons.

Also if you know you have HIV and you give it to someone else or try to, you can be tried for murder.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Save the subjective crap. The same can be said for murder and its punishment. Getting paid to open your legs is the easy ticket for those unable to get a real job.

  Chris20003  |  17

Well I guess if your ok with the government telling you what you can and can not do than your right. But what is the difference between going on a date where you a guy buys a girl drinks, food, and maybe movie tickets and at the end of the night they have sex, its just a cash in advance. If you do not like it do not do it, its that simple. What is the difference between putting a camera and contract into the mix, its a porn then instead of prostitution? It's basicly the same thing. So make it legal.

  Bigdawg42  |  8

How long were you in jail?