By Hutchie931 - 30/07/2016 23:24 - United Kingdom - Dudley

Today, on a girls night out at a very fancy restaurant, our waiter spilled my chocolate dessert over my new white pants. To repay up, they gave us a free bottle of red wine, which he promptly coated me in. FML
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Hi to continue after that fiasco the waiter was very apologetic and so was the owner and I got 15% of my bill and got recommended a Dry Cleaners that specialised in "accidental" stains so not all bad :)

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That waiter should consider a different profession. Preferably one that doesn't involve carrying anything.

After that did they give you a free dry clean?


That waiter should consider a different profession. Preferably one that doesn't involve carrying anything.

Perhaps one that doesn't involve physical motion of any kind.


Waiters sometimes have clumsy nights- I worked so long as a waitress that plates and drink trays were almost like an extension of me but on my last night of work (resigned) I spilled almost every drink I carried. It just happens and it's not always because the person is new to it.

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In the UK the waiter can not be sacked for that. Unless they are a repeat offender for it or it can be proven it was done with malice. Worst case for the waiter is they will get told off and given a warning.

I don't see why this should get him fired. The waiter could've just been having a bad night or was tired

The restaurant SHOULD have offered to clean or replace your clothing. If they didn't then they be scummy.

His life sucks worse. ******* up like that as a server is mortifying and ruins your source of income.

But it was his fault that he dropped the food

Good, he seems like a terrible waiter. I understand spilling dessert once, but then the wine? He needs a different job.

dam . just hope half of the idots here get food dropped on them, people who serve food are not to blame accidents happen. guess tjats why this world is whede it is. full of idiots and disregarded shitthat thinks their better than others.

On the bright side, now you have a new pair of tie dye pants instead.

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two colours a gal does not want on her pants... worst tie dye EVER.

chrisbeaudoin 26

This could be an FML for the water too. I'd feel terrible if I spilled something on the same customer twice.

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Was he drinking that wine or something??

It sounds like he may have tasted it or something else with alcohol in it. Or is just pretty klutzy.

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I think he liked you - he was trying very hard to get your clothes off anyway