By Anonymous - 21/04/2011 01:39 - United States

Today, I painted a kids room at my new nanny job while the dad "helped" by staring at my ass and telling me how hard it is to position your "junk" correctly when wearing a speedo. First day on the job. FML
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denvan 0

You should've told him, when you wear a bikini it's harder to position your junk.


"She" may get a raise? Uhuh, sounds logical :P

Let me get it straight for you ass-grabbers. "If she works it, he might get a raise." #23 deserves it for not figuring an obvious typo.

57 I think he did work it out, then made an obvious and amusing joke.

that would mean two typos. idiot. he still meant "she" the second time. now who's the dumbass? you.

The_Moustache 6

I thought 12 was talking about her getting a raise in pay, then 23 added to the greatness.

chickunkey 0

He speaks words of wisdom. It is well near impossible to position my junk in a spedo.

well unless you junk is the size of your pinkie or something like that, I'm pretty sure noone can.

I just let my ballsack hang out the side to make room for everything else.

FriskyTaco 0

why would you paint a room as a nanny?

Some parents are crazy like that, making you paint a room! I would quit cuz of the dad... Unless ur making atleast a grand a week!!

She had to paint the room because the painter was busy watching the kid, dumbass ;)

It's really common for nannies to do housework and more in addition to watching the kids. Esp if the nanny is hired before the kid is even there. I was hired by a family 2-3 months before the wife had twins, I took her to appointments and helped set up the nursery and cooked and cleaned for her.

Just be happy with the fact that you have a nice ass.

i don't think it will cheer her up :/

born_hustla 26
Infamous_Hawk 6

George W. Bush? You never know. He's there, but he isn't.

denvan 0

You should've told him, when you wear a bikini it's harder to position your junk.

we gots the making of a **** dad does nany in speedo

Haha, i've seen that one already! Wait! Oops! No-one should know!

KristinaKreme 0

Tell the mom. If there is one. Or quit.

33, was making fun of the odd sentence structure of 13's comment, not the plan itself.

My plan? I don't have one, but I support #9's plan up there.

Damn! Don't you just hate speedos? lmao