By thatsureshowedme - 08/11/2014 20:33 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I tried being rebellious for the first time in my life by sneaking out past my curfew. I decided to use my bedroom window to stealthily leave the house. I ended up twisting my ankle when I tried to make my "grand" escape. FML
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Jesus have you guys never ever done something 'rebellious' in your youth? OP stated they don't normally do this, so rebelling just once is such a massive thrill. Lighten up a little.


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YDI indeed. yay Karma. maybe just ask next time if you can stay out a little bit later. but, you probably lost their trust now.

Jesus have you guys never ever done something 'rebellious' in your youth? OP stated they don't normally do this, so rebelling just once is such a massive thrill. Lighten up a little.

They deserve it less so for attempting to sneak out, more so for having the agility of a newborn giraffe.

#29 Even though being rebellious for the first time may be exciting and adventurous, there will be consequences no matter how big or small the rebellious act is. I've never once snuck out of my house because I knew I'd be paying a hefty punishment (and I didn't have anywhere to go really). OP's life sucks because she just wanted to try something new, but she also deserved it because that's the number one rule breaker in a mother's and/or father's house, and it could also be dangerous.

#37 There's only consequences if you get caught... Lesson learned for next time!

#54 Or something bad happens like they get kidnapped while out and their parents have no clue where to start even looking.

#62 A person can get kidnapped at any point in time during the day or night. Do you suggest becoming agoraphobic and never leaving the house?

Yes you could get kidnapped at any time, fair enough. But if you sneak out and get kidnapped, your parents literally have no idea where you could possibly be. This is why there are rules in place. No ones judging OP for sneaking out, but if you do sneak out, you have to be prepared to deal with the potential consequences. OP deserved it.

The whole ideology of kidnapping someone is to make it so that your parents/whomever have literally no clue where you could be no matter if you sneak out or if they know exactly where you were beforehand. Kids get taken from their own property all the time even when following rules. Day or night, doesn't matter. Come on now... "My parents know exactly where I am right now so you better not kidnap me!" "Shit, the kid is right, movin' on!"

You're taking that a little too literal. What I mean is, if you tell your parents for example you're about to go to Starbucks or something, and on the way you get kidnapped. After you don't come home and your parents assume something happen, they can tell the police you were on your way or at Starbucks, which could help in locating where you could possibly be, or who took you. No one said that by telling your parents where you are that you won't get kidnapped, but the more you know, the better in these types of situations.

80- Trust me, nobody wants to kidnap me

and remember kids, if a stranger gives you drugs say thank you because drugs are EXPENSIVE.

The neighbor girl tried once and set the house alarm off. Oh the fun of watching that happening !!

Stick to be good it worked out better it seems

Breaking news: you're not the sharpest tool in the she's op.

So who's the guy who talked you into it? Good girls don't do things like this without incentive.

Does there have to be a guy involved? Natural rebellious lure can be enough.

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#13 is right I have sneaked out before because of a guy and also because of my friends.

Last time I sneaked out with my friends to an amusement park, our parents got abducted by aliens.

I think three boys talked you into it. Nick, Sheen, and Carl?

Practice makes perfect when it comes to crime

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why try to tell them to practice committing crimes??

You have to build up to be a rebel.... next time try something smaller.... like not putting the cap back on the toothpaste.

Then graduate to leaving the toilet seat up. No one will ever suspect you because you're a girl.

Whenever I take a massive dump at work I leave the toilet seat up so they think it was a guy. I flush of course, but the smell....

I'm pretty sure guys don't shit with the seat up #33

Still, thwarts the attention from me.

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Next time just use the front door, it's much less embarrassing