By Wingman527 - 15/09/2014 21:39 - United States - Salida

Today, I was checking out of a hotel when I saw some complementary mints. They weren't mints. They were glass beads. FML
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You can actually, it's called school.

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Indianboy9321 25

You should have known they weren't MINT to be eaten.

Octwo 16

Schools can fix ignorance, not stupid.


Ouch! Maybe get your eyes checked? A trip to the dentist or doctor could help too.

Or they could just not waste money on things they don't need checked because of a mistake.... Some people sneeze and think they are dying, jesus.

*cough* oh holy shit I need to see a doctor, I HAVE EBOLA

Well he may not need to go to the doctor, but he could at least go to the dentist. We don't know the entire story, but what if he chipped a tooth or two. Never know.

A visit in this order would help -> A dentist -> a eye specialist and finally the hotel again.. lol

iAmPaul 49

#15 Cost? Ha, what a laughable concept to us Canadians, accustomed to free healthcare!

#15 Just so you know, your heart stops for a mili-second every time you sneeze. So yeah, you do die, or almost die when you sneeze.

trellz17 19

Hopefully you realised that before you swallowed them.

iAmPaul 49

Who the hell even attempts to swallow mints whole? OP probably realised they were glass beads as soon as he put one in his mouth.

This was almost a case of natural selection at work.

Even if they were mints, wouldn't they still be wrapped?

Not necessarily. I've seen restaurants or hotels with bowls of unwrapped mints.

JMichael 25
NiceGuysDoWin 21

yummy. Tastes like choking hazard.

if they are not in a case/box or wrapped in plastic, dont eat em

toowie_fml 20

Bowls of glass beads are overrated what's the point?

I would think the mints would be wrapped or have a small spoon there for taking a few