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By LucklessNiceGuy - 05/12/2011 07:22 - United States

Today, I was fired from my job on account of "sexual harassment" toward female employees. The harassment? Jokingly offering them foot massages when they were complaining about how their feet ached after a long shift, and complimenting them about their appearance when they felt down. FML
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Angelice_fml 0

Ouch, I'm really sorry. ): People take things too far these days.

drawmesunshine 17

Perhaps the male employees felt left out. Maybe at your next job, you should compliment their looks and offer them foot rubs, too. Think of this as a learning experience.


808Boyo 4

Unfortunately you need to be physically attractive for this not to seem creepy.

^exactley. that's the thing. If you're attractive, those women could care less about being "sexually harassed". but if you're nnot attractive, then God forgive you complement someone.

@35, it's only creepy if you don't really know your female co-workers. I'm super ugly but I tease most of the women I work with all the time, and they all like it, especially the older ones >_>. But if I'm working with someone I barely know, I'm not gonna be like "Hey, I'm Shepard, can I massage your feet?" THAT is creepy. To me, it sounds like the OP didn't really know the chicks, hence he came off as a creep.

^ thats true. I actually just had to watch a sexual harassment vid cause I started volunteering somewhere and they said the same thing. If your not close to them leave them alone


"and do the creep! rah! and do the creep! rah!" well, you seem to be doin a pretty good job of being a creeper! 0.o

diidiimi 10

From a girl perspective very true. I joke with my male coworkers all the time, but we've known each other for years and are very much like a family. If someone we didn't know very well started offering me massages and continually calling me flattering things the other guys would be the first people I'd run to with 'this guy is creepily coming on to me' stories. And once a girl is a bit creeped out it only gets worse, never better.

diidiimi 10

Actually, now that I think about it, if one of my coworker 'brothers' offered me a foot rub I'd be all wtf??! My response to them would be something along the lines of eww, you want to touch my feet?! Weirdo. Then we'd forget about it. I'd be a bit weirded out if my actual brothers offered that. Back rubs yes, but foot rubs are a bit more intimate. And one of my real brothers is actually a remedial masseuse. Sorry OP, but you are a bit creepy.

what a creep! I bet you're the kind of person who would sneak up on them and rub their shoulders too. tsk tsk.

Perhaps it's just the conservative religionist in me, but... even though I'm a fellow male, I have to agree that this would be harassment unless they're close friends. I would not jokingly offer my coworkers the opportunity to let me squeeze their feet, nor would I say they are attractive. It seems far too much like you are hitting on them.

Looks like my previous comment was deleted (or there's a glitch not showing it now), but regardless: I'd like to amend my previous post. While I still think it's harassment, I didn't notice that you were fired (I misunderstood and thought it said you were told not to harass them). That was overkill.

Its the way you say it. OP. And seems like you say it with a wink ;)

The amount of people that said 'you deserved' is really sad and pathetic. Grow up losers.

NullPointer 20

@193 I disagree. Seeing that your coworker is depressed and saying something like "I love your new haircut" or "Those shoes look really nice on you" or even "You look extra pretty today" is okay. And when someone complains about their feet hurting there's nothing wrong with jokingly offering them a foot massage. People make jokes like that all the time. If it bothers you when he offers, stop complaining about your feet around him, problem solved! Or just tell him it bothers you. I've had two of my male friends had jobs were older women pinched their butts and called them cutie. One of them it happened to almost daily, and the other only once or twice. That is sexual harrassment, not "You look nice today".

MatthewDmerrill 5

This is ops point of view however, which is incredibly motivated by being...well, for being op. In reality he may be licking their toes and groping them whenever he sees a woman. Probably not, but I'm just saying you shouldn't take one guy's point of view on something like this. So YDI/FYL.

I am a girl and i wont like this type of offer from another employee... but still i wont accuse him with- "sexual harassment".. i mean unless he sounded creepy!

Not really, im just acting like a normal person..i dont see the need of others massaging my feets

diidiimi 10

Accusing someone of harassment is a pretty big thing. I'd have to be really really creeped out to even mention something like that to my boss, but like I've mentioned in a previous post, once initially creeped out a girl isn't easily un-creeped. If OP scared one of them and then didn't read the 'back off' signals and kept behaving in a creepy way then she might have been concerned enough to make an official complaint. The company probably has a zero tolerance policy, although op should have known about this and been a bit more careful. I guess he's just not great at reading people.

He's probly one of those guys no one likes and everyone thinks is creepy... Haha and this was their way of getting rid of him

Depends... Did you do that creepy eye brow lift and lick your lips while saying these things?

Umm.... Notice he said they were attractive when they were being "felt" down..... "sarcasm for any idiot who thought I was serious"

Angelice_fml 0

Ouch, I'm really sorry. ): People take things too far these days.

Drummerboy1234 0

there's a 9 year old kid in New York who got suspended for saying a teacher was cute. people need to suck it the **** up and relax.

LaurennEllee 1

Well then...don't worry about it! I bet other people would appreciate you being nice

How are there more YDIs than FMLs? People are retarded.

op you completely deserved it, that sounds a little creeperish.

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This guy is likely fat or ugly or both.

You know what they say "it's not sexual harassment if you're good looking!", sorry OP.


Haha, if youre sexy looking and do it, then girls are like "I think he might just like me! :)" whether they know him much or not. If there's an ugly guy who does it then girls are like "ewww! he's creeping on me and I want him to stop! D:" unless you're pretty close to them. So pretty much as long as you're hot you should be good to go- heck, you could probably get away with nearly anything as long as you're hot!

It has less to do with looks than you think. I had a manager that could get away with saying the dirtiest things to all the women in the office and we all adored him. Trust me when I say that he wasn't much to look at. He is one of those guys that could say what he wanted, when he wanted and no one felt uncomfortable. Unless you have that ability(and not many people do), rather don't risk it.

twisted_cherub 14

My boss is like that. He's not good-looking at all, but he gets away with the most sexually explicit comments ever. The key is that he always sounds at ease and has never actually touched any of us, so there's no thinking he might actually mean those things.

drawmesunshine 17

Perhaps the male employees felt left out. Maybe at your next job, you should compliment their looks and offer them foot rubs, too. Think of this as a learning experience.

Gwyddone 29

Man, I'm sorry. That's the worst way you could get a feedback... I assume you didn't look like their prince charming, otherwise they wouldn't do that... cheer up, maybe you can meet with nicer collegues!

Damn, I probably get groped 2000 times a day at my job... Although I am a stripper. Either way fyl

rainbowbigbird 7

I understand completely OP. I am an openly gay guy and got fired from my last for supposedly flirting with 16 year old girls...? Yeah. No thanks.

that's.. Weird. Especially because they know you're gay.

twinkletoes747 16

Thumbs up just for your picture.

puppyXluvz123 9

I love your name and picture!!! They go with your comment perfectly! :)


That's how it pretty much ended up in breaking dawn... just a different type of "screw"

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You live in Fridley?? I live in Coon Rapids!!! And don't listen to all these nasty people.. You're beautiful the way you are!! We should hang out some time. =)