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Today, I tried to rid my son of his pacifier. He still uses it to sleep. My son is 20 years old. FML
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There are worse things for your son to be sucking on before he sleeps.


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Wow. I think you have babied him a little to much..

I drank a babby bottle till I was 8 one day my Dad " lost it " and from that day I never liked milk again

hey he could go on my strange addiction

How the **** does your dad throwing out your bottle, which you should have gotten over, make you stop liking milk? How is there any connection?

It's not anyone's fault. Just because its a interest that's not well know and out of the "norm" does not mean its wrong. Their are far worse that he could be doing. Besides all the kids here might think he's a "pussy" or a "weakling" for liking a pacifier, I'm sure he is a lot nicer and understanding than others his age. But who cares what he does at home. It's his life don't live it for him. Ever stop and think for him it's a stress reliever or a way to relax after a long day. I'm sure their are thousands(if not more) parents out there that rather have the children doing this than say drugs or other odd activities. For further information look up "infantilism.

So he's 20 and lives with you which is fail, and you didn't take that away from him i don't know 17 years ago?

How is living at home at the age of 20 a fail? 20 is perfectly normal, I assure you.

Im 27 and still live at home. But that is because I have several critical chronic illnesses and literally need aid everyday and can't be on my own. I tried living on my own and I wasn't able to. Everyone has reasons. Some are more understandable than others, like mine. But reasons none the less.

I'm 20 and I still live at home. It's cheaper than living in the dorms. A lot of people do that so maybe you left too early and that makes you the fail.

Not being funny but how can a 20 year old possibly be on enough money to afford their own home? I'm 19 and my partner is 21 and we are just starting to save for a deposit. It's not easy you know. Anyways yeah it's really weird that he is still on a dummy at the age of 20 maybe he needs some kind of help.

I sucked my fingers(yes fingers, not thumb) until I was like 9. Once my mother died I somehow stopped the habit. But I slept in the same bed as my grandmother until i was about 13 due to separation anxiety and the depression from losing my mom. She got me a fancy, expensive bed and from 13 on I was fine(I was also put on xanax and sleeping pills so that helped a lot too lol). Everyone's different and has their own reasons. *shrug* Cut them some slack.

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oh cmon this is fake, are you kidding me?

I doubt it. There is an extended family member who still sucks her thumb and she's late teens.

i'm almost 20 and i still like to sleep with my baby blanket. I definitely dont take it with me when I sleep out or if I'm travelling or something. I just like the smell and the feel of it. the pacifier thing is kinda weird tho

Maybe you can deter him off pacifiers by dipping them in ground coffee, thats how i was taken off them when i was 1 ! Then again i was addicted to coffee when i was 20 so maybeee chilli would work on your son ???

naww @#88 that's cute.. but I agree - a dummy.. c'mon.. I've nver even had one.

@116, but then they'll be addicted to chilli!

my he has cerebral palsey or something serious and feels comforted by the pacifier... I suck my thumb... I'm 19

#88, I do the same thing too! I love the smell and feel of my baby blanket! It's waffle-weave and I love when my guy friends wear the material! It feels like hugging a huge baby blanket all day!

Ahh what the hell. How did you get to this point with your son?

Lady...I'm sorry, but you're SHIT at being a parent...My Daddy had me off the pacifier before I had a proper long-term memory span!

I agree. I think I was less then 10 months old before I quit. For my brothers it was a little bit longer, but by 2 they were gone for good, thrown in the trash and destroyed. It's really not that hard to take something away from a child, they get over it. YDI for letting your son get to this point, and YDI even more for complaining. He's 20, it's his choice to make now. If he wants to be a baby and suck on a pacifier, that's his call. Maybe it's time to cut the apron string and make him become a man.

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he did that so u wouldn't remember what he put in place of it.

Lol I only ever had one when my grandma gave my twin and I each a lolly one when we were four. They cause ear trouble

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I have to agree. OP, your son needs to grow up. He's never going to get laid with a pacifier in his mouth unless he finds someone into fetishes.

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replace pacifier with clit and think of the wonders

#34 has hit the nail on the head right there.

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ew. why's your clit the size of a pacifier!?!?

39-youre a moron. Thats sooo not what they meant.

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Wow...your son is a big baby. He is never going to get laid.

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he is probably one of the annoying kids that comments on every FML and thinks saying "sammich" makes him hilarious. They have problems...

amen...I cringe every time I see "sammich"

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hey be nice to them, otherwise we are going to hear about another school shooting or "Tea Party" or whatever the rejects of society do when they get angry

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177 is one of those people 10 is talking about