By wtfmom - 07/10/2014 21:10 - United States - Clanton

Today, I told my mom that I got into National Honor Society and Beta Club. Most parents are proud but not her. She told me to get a job and that she was tired of my school shit. FML
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Feel sorry for you OP. Congratulations though ;) Good luck

She's just a jealous egoistic stupid person. I'm truly sorry for you.


Feel sorry for you OP. Congratulations though ;) Good luck

OP you should try not to seek her appreciation/approving of the things you do with your life, don't be dependant on what she thinks. To me it sounds a little bit like your trying to achieve her approval, maybe because she didn't pay attention to you as a child as much as you would've liked her to..?

the honor society is a scam. everyone gets in.

25, it is difficult not to be dependent on what your own parents think though. Obviously she is in school and she most likely living with her mum. Parents are SUPPOSE to be proud of their children for achieving things and when they are being shitty about it, it will affect how their children feels. What you said is easier said than done.

#31, No.. I'm pretty sure you need a 3.7 gpa or higher to get in.

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@31 I think I know what you're talking about, but you should have put it differently. There's an "Honor Society" organization that targets students with high GPA's, though to my knowledge, they're not directly affiliated with any actual school. They constantly ask you to sign up, for a fee of around $90. In return, they'll occasionally arrange a "seminar" where you can talk to others within the organization. They are widely viewed as a scam. Even so, you have to have a high GPA to be "targeted", so no, not everyone gets in. They've been sending me their information for quite a while now, well past every "deadline" they've mentioned. As for OP, though, he may be talking about his actual school's Honor Society. Regardless, it means he has a good GPA, so congrats to him.

I don't think he told her for her approval.

She's just a jealous egoistic stupid person. I'm truly sorry for you.

That's OP's mom you're talking about.. How could you possibly conclude that from one sentence of information lol

that's disappointing but don't let that bother you feel proud of your achievement.

she won't be tired when you're making bank :~)

That sucks. I guess what's important for you (and for colleges) isn't important to her. Oh well... I'm proud of you though :D Plus, I believe they can pay you for tutoring people (at least my school does that), so that's a job right there!

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Yeah, tutors make big bucks, if you care enough to actually help others, lol

Congratulations OP! Don't let her ruin your day. When you're making more money than her, maybe she'll be proud then (:

Get a good education so you can take care of her when she's old.

Let her rot in some run down nursing home in Syberia op.

Feel sorry for you, just ignore her and continue doing great in school. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

I'm so sorry about her! Congrats, OP, those aren't easy things to get into :)