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Today, I forgot to pay for my train ride for the first time. Today was also the first time I've ever seen transit security checking for people's tickets and kicking offenders off. FML
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Haha, that's just how the world works :-) There are 365 days in a year, and which day does your teacher decide to actually check your homework? That one day you haven't done them...

What were you doing that was worth a $7000 dollar ticket?


Eila1996 5

Lol! I accidentally tried to use an out of date ticket today, and almost missed my train :p

1: we know it's bloody not easy to get one's FML confirmed, but that's not an excuse to hog someone else's to try and narrate your own!!!

they're just sharing a similar experience. Chill c:

Eila1996 5

38- Thank you!! :) 35: I'm sorry if I offended you, I wasn't trying to hog the comments or turn the story into my own, I was simply trying to relate to the OP, and share a similar story!

I like you,1/43:) Anyone else would have started an argument ... Well, I would have. I feel like a bad person.

There's always a first time for everything. At least now u know the consequences of not paying.

Im surprised the transit officers just kick offenders off the train. Im curious to know if there was a fine too. Here in sydney, getting caught train jumping will get you a nasty fine and a lunch date with a magistrate.

In Melbourne they call your home to verify you are who you say you are. I will never forget getting a phone call at 6am one morning asking if my sister lived at this address. I thought it was the police and that she had been in an accident. Took years off my life. Assholes.

Melbourne has the worst ticket system I have ever experienced. I touched on, ran into a ticket inspector, their machine said I hadn't touched on and I got a massive fine. From that day onwards I vowed to be a proud fare evader! :)

There is a fine here in L.A. - $250 plus community service.

Really? Im in LA, did the same thing and only got a $72 citation.

If you're that unlucky, then I guess something was already coming for you, be happy it wasn't worse... :-)

Why call it luck? Obviously the turnstiles (if I'm using the correct word) showed that there was not enough money for the amount of people on the train.

Ah, just looked it up, wrong mechanism... I dont know what it's called then. (I'll go ahead and down vote these comments.)

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That's not how life works. There isn't some superior being throwing good and bad luck around. We aren't destined for a certain fate. Tomorrow isn't decided already. You make your own decisions, and those decisions go on to affect what happens next. Sometimes you get affected by other people's decisions and that does suck. OP didn't start the day destined for something bad to happen. It just did through a series of events, leading up to the "bad luck".

Seeing that you're from Canada, did you try apologizing?

Just because we apologize, doesn't mean our apologies are accepted. I learnt that with my first speeding ticket.

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In Canada I got off of a $7,000 ticket today by apologizing! Sometimes it works.

What were you doing that was worth a $7000 dollar ticket?

MrBond007_fml 6

Wtf did you do that deserved a $7,000 punishment? *** edit*** Sorry beat me to it

13, 14 : guys it happens only in Canada.... n now we won't know what the hell is worth 7 grand.

Seems like Felix Baumgartner wasn't the only one breaking the sound barrier recently. Slow the **** down, 13!

-63, did you know humans break the sound barrier all the time? Coughing actually forces the air out of our lungs faster than the speed of sound.

KiddNYC1O 20

70- That sounds absurd. Sneezing is about 100 mph. I doubt coughing is faster... Feel free to prove me wrong.

Because people are constantly sonic booming when they're sick

YDI for not paying. That's technically stealing. You shouldn't do something just because other people are. Be an example setter, not a blind follower.

CharresBarkrey 15

The OP said they forgot to pay, not that they wanted to try not to pay.

I admit that part was wrong, I misread the FML the first time. OP still shouldn't assume that just because other people get away with it, they will too. I ma sound like a goody-two-shoes here, but usually try to set a good example for anyone bothering to pay attention.

CharresBarkrey 15

I agree. But mistakes happen, and I'm sure the OP will not forget to pay again.

Not a goody two shoes... Just a self righteous asshole! :-)

Potato potato. EDIT: that really doesn't work written down!

-39, calling him an asshole? That's taking things a little too far. And having morals is not being self-righteous; granted, some people can be a little uppity about it, but having good morals at all is rare in today's society.

mduffy08 8

They didn't pay for a service; that's their fault. If everyone forgot to pay for the service then there would not be enough money to run the train. Simple.

-39 Calling him a righteous asshole for showing that there is still hope in humanity is just as bad as someone not telling you that you are a giant dickwad for stereotyping all nice people into the kind who shove it down your throat.

Haha, that's just how the world works :-) There are 365 days in a year, and which day does your teacher decide to actually check your homework? That one day you haven't done them...

MrBond007_fml 6

There are actually only 180-250 school days (depending on where you live)

Congrats on being the first comment without 20+ negative votes!

MrBond007_fml 6

Right, but there is no way a teacher could check your homework on a non school day, therefore increasing the chances of your teacher checking your homework on the one day you didn't do your homework from 1/365 to 1/180.

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81 - What the hell are you even talking about, OP's on a train.

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how do you just forget to pay? It's a serious question, my town doesn't have trains. You don't have to pay for a ticket before you get on?

Trains come and go really fast and you don't want to miss them. It's possible.

Big train, lots of doors, one driver. The rest is often passengers. It's mostly an honor system, with random checks every now and then to keep people honest.

hunterluv1 20

17: Thank you for explaining, haha. I wasn't trying to be smart or anything, just I figured like the movies or an airport, you had to buy a ticket before you could get through. guess I was wrong. :)

Damn, The same thing happened to me yesterday.i didn't have enough for the full trip and skipped paying just one metro station .. And got a 72$ ticket-_-

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30: Judging by your sentence fragments, I don't think you're in the position to educate others on the English language.

30 said she might "seem" like a grammar nazi, not that she is. Plus she politely admitted its a personal peeve and even suggested she understood where they were coming from. No need for insults! :)

66 - Thank you :) I certainly wasn't trying to come off as rude and I'm not a grammar nazi. I mess up too so I can't claim to be one. I don't even want to be one.

If it's a PERSONAL pet peeve, keep it to yourself.

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Was this by any chance in east la, by soto station

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Listen, I can be very clueless myself, but how do you FORGET to pay for a TRAIN TICKET. Its like going to the movies and being totally unaware that you havent paid for the entry. Anyway... I hope you were able to travel eventually.

actually no it's not... to get into the cinema you have to show your ticket in the first place. with trains it's a case of buy it at the station or sometimes, like in the UK, you can buy them on the train. if you're in a hurry or not 100% focussed on doing something it's quite easy to forget something.

I forgot to clock in at work yesterday because I was in such a rush and we were very busy. It happens sometimes.

cookie_3008 4

I get your point. ^_^ OP lives in Ontario, and so do I.. So Im guessing OP was riding VIA or GO trains, and the times Ive ridden the train Ive had to show my ticket even before getting to the platform... But then again I live in Toronto, maybe OP lives were there is a smaller station and it is possible to "forget" and just jump in. ... And the clocking in thing at work, has happened to me too. =)

If you're lets say, are desperate to catch your train, it's easy to go check if it's on it's way & then panic when it's there. Then you'll end up trying to hurry up & jump on forgetting to pay for a ticket.