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By  tranced_  |  44

money is money plus I'd prefer that nasty 100$ cash over digital money any day of the month no matter where it is pulled out from and I've been a cashier at a retail store for a couple a months just so nobody questions my views.


A couple of months? Well, clearly you're the authority on matters involving the whole retail industry, so I have questions.
1) Is it true stores stack beer near diapers so dads combine both in one shop, thus increasing profits?
2) Why does weird shit always happen at Walmart? Are they cursed?
3) Why are British tourists to America still so fucking miserable?
4) Why do coupons have expiry dates? They're paper.
5) Why do you believe that, after only two months of working retail, you think those of us who were repulsed by this story are the ridiculous ones? I'll bet you a sweaty $100 many of us have worked retail far longer than you have, and are also smart enough to reject a bill that's been in someone's sock while their foot was in it. Your views will change in time, but for now, clean up in aisle 4.