By Anonymous - 12/06/2009 06:39 - Canada

Today, I was at the cafeteria of my school with my boyfriend and he dumped me. I was kinda expecting it. What I wasn't expecting was that he'd start running in front of everyone, screaming "FREEEEEEEEEDOM!" at the top of his lungs and that he'd kiss the first girl he saw. FML
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High school boyfriends... a waste of time.


hahaohwell 0

i agree HAHAHAHA

I agree, but damn.. did you have him in a concentration camp or something?

lmfao the girl probably wasn't random

Should have one up'ed him... Stand up yell INDEPENDENCE!!!! Ran over to the football team and had a gangbang right there in the high school cafeteria... I like to think outside the box :)

they were both boys

danimal_crackerz 26

You.. I like you

Meh. Not worth your time.

Blacksabbath211 9

how? this guy is my new hero hahaha

lazylacey 0

lmao! hilarious!

Lindsay46789 0

If you were expecting it, why not dump him first? I take expecting as that you couldn't have been too happy to be with him either.

bleedforMayheM 0

too clingy

The pre emptive break up good one lol ive got hand!!

High school boyfriends... a waste of time.

completely agree.

You deserved it for picking asshole boyfriends. Or maybe you just sucked alot.

pattyrick4321 0

if she sucked alot, wht guy would bread up with her..? :D

Actually it says that OP is a guy.

He's the one who made an ass of himself.

shoulda got there first! Though he'd probably still do that anyway :P

ahahahahahahahahaha that guy rules.

Ahh. Women always need at least one bad "man" to become stronger inside. You may have worse later on! FYL

um... the OP is a man

And his boyfriend kissed a girl when he ran away. So either he made his gay bf straight, or this is totally fake

sarabraun8 7

how do uk the op is a man

or the op's boyfriend could be bisexual.