By Anonymous - 12/06/2009 06:39 - Canada

Today, I was at the cafeteria of my school with my boyfriend and he dumped me. I was kinda expecting it. What I wasn't expecting was that he'd start running in front of everyone, screaming "FREEEEEEEEEDOM!" at the top of his lungs and that he'd kiss the first girl he saw. FML
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I agree, but damn.. did you have him in a concentration camp or something?

Should have one up'ed him... Stand up yell INDEPENDENCE!!!! Ran over to the football team and had a gangbang right there in the high school cafeteria... I like to think outside the box :)

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how? this guy is my new hero hahaha

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If you were expecting it, why not dump him first? I take expecting as that you couldn't have been too happy to be with him either.

The pre emptive break up good one lol ive got hand!!

You deserved it for picking asshole boyfriends. Or maybe you just sucked alot.

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if she sucked alot, wht guy would bread up with her..? :D

shoulda got there first! Though he'd probably still do that anyway :P

Ahh. Women always need at least one bad "man" to become stronger inside. You may have worse later on! FYL

And his boyfriend kissed a girl when he ran away. So either he made his gay bf straight, or this is totally fake

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or the op's boyfriend could be bisexual.