By explodingpupppet - 30/09/2009 16:41 - United States

Today, after a month of searching, I found a perfect apartment which I rented out for the next few months. The rent was inexpensive and the place was close to my job. Turns out, my 'perfect' new apartment overlooks a nudist community. FML
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dude! whats not perfect about that? some people would pay extra!

That's not really a FML, unless you're a prude.


dude! whats not perfect about that? some people would pay extra!

Some People would kill to live near a nudist community and you're here whining about that?

birds_fml 7

Sweet, I would love to have a place overlooking a nudist colony! You gotta be seriously messed up if naked people upsets you so bad that you wouldn't want to live in a cheap place. I really don't get people who are grossed out by other people's bodies, even if they're old and fat. It's just skin. The dumpster is grosser than old naked people. Get over it.

Haven't you guys seen Eurotrip? It will change your views about nude beaches lol :P _____________________

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I'd shit bricks if I had to see that many dicks

How did you not notice while looking round? YDI

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With the money you save from the inexpensive apartment, buy some blinds. Problem solved.

xenomorph 0

Better yet, print out a scene and hang it over the window as a fake window. I tried it once.

Yeah I agree. Buy some blinds or use the curtains.

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that's not soo bad, at least you know the neighbors aren't shy.... just make sure they know what your talking about when you come over to ask for some sugar

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Get A CAMCORDER and put it on the internet , this could be very lucrative ...dumb ass ... it could pay ur inexpeciive rent.....oh yeah its probably already paid thanks to ur local hard working tax-paying neihbors---u derseve it...whiney scum.

hey, already there's a new club to join and plenty of sexual prospects

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not an fml the opposite

you should join the nudists...

hot broads walking around nude. no prroblem with that.

megamandude455 10

hey 1 nudists include other women and op's probably not gay. and they're kind of perverted if you ask me

ya I know, I would have to buy a better pair of binoculars lol

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yum! jk

Hunthas 17

Save money on ****? It all evens out

Or some binoculars. Whichever way you roll.

#231 Get laid or something instead of spazzing out.

It might seem awesome, but consider this: Not everyone at a nudist camp is a sexy collage girl (or a sexy collage guy, if the OP is a girl). There are probably some nasty ass looking old people out there. You guys really want to see an old persons *******? Or 40 year olds sausage? But seriously OP, get some curtains. It wont be horrible, you'll survive somehow.

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N bb u

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When you grow up you will learn that there is absolutely nothing wrong with living in an apartment.

You people kill me. Fuckin troll. My old apartment was awesome. My new house is awesome-er

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hahaha! hows that an FML?

Is there a word for "more than perfect?" If you are dissatisfied, I'll sublet!

Good to see some optimizm. But nudists are very seldom 'babes'. Quite the opposite from what I hear.

That's not really a FML, unless you're a prude.

at least no one will mind if you walk out the shower and forget to shut the blinds first....

Neither of you make sense. What does it matter if OP was renting an apartment or getting a house? I don't really see the issue. Just don't look. What, are you a recovering voyeur or something and can't stand that much nudity without bursting from hormones? People might have a laugh or two at it, but keep the drapes shut. And you might even attract guys. Or find out how many guys find you attractive. Not like those people out the window could hide it, or would.

So..? That's perfect! Lol. Nothing like the sight of fresh ass during the morning! :)

greenltrn2003 0

I chuckled @ that...but its true. Everyone needs a breast of fresh air sometime in their life

wat11115 0

what is unfresh ass?

Wah wah wah. You have a great and convenient apartment. Suck it up and get some curtains.

I understand. If something is perfect, how can it get MORE perfect. That my friend has just happened, try to cope.

Reyo 2

I have...hell, I've even been to such nudist communities (by accident...don't ask.) Oh!

And thank you #14, you beat me to the punch and elaborated my thoughts exactly

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Even if they are old and ugly this is still a win. The Op has a non stop source of entertainment - he can look at and laugh his ass off at these people and now he has all kinds of good stories. Plus he might luck out and see some hot people too. He still has the option to close the blinds and gets a cheap apartment.

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oh get over it. the place is still perfect for you. if you don't want to see the nudists, keep your blinds closed on that window. i'm sure they don't ALL overlook the nudist colony. and so what anyway. it's just some naked people.

I would still live there. What could be more fun than people watching? Naked people watching!